Can “Gardening” be a relaxing pastime for a Chaos Dwarf? I say Yes.


Here is an example

Looks much more fun in the video


Oh yes! Gardening with digging and burning dry grass and pushing wheelbarrows and carrying water and cutting branches is toilsome and not too unbefitting of Chaos Dwarfs, despite the Elven greenery involved. It’s a secondary passion of mine, along with picking tens of litres of fruits and berries during summer, both in the wild and in gardens.

I don’t have a garden of my own (unless I manage to convince my apartment house neighbours to let me plow up a plot next year), but I’ve planted plenty of fruit trees and berry bushes in my parents’ gardens. Almost every birthday of theirs, they get plants with edible fruit so that I can harvest and eat in the summer and autumn.

I’ve even dug up wild-growing tame raspberry plants from abandoned plots of land (houses burned in the 1950s) along a cycle path and former rail track. I dug them up under the cover of darkness to replant at strategic locations in my rural home town during night. This is the most sneaky and Hobgoblin thing I’ve ever done, and I blame @Fuggit_Khan for noble influence. :tongue:

As for the sneak-replanted raspberry plants, the ones I planted some weeks earlier in daylight in my parents’ gardens live and flourish to this day. Yet those I planted Hobgoblin style where I live wilted and died. Probably too late in the autumn.

A new attempt will have to be made. :hob1:

For a Chaos Dwarf story about agriculture, see the Soil-Prophet.


My other pseudonym was Conan the Gardener. First shrubbery I had to cut down, I used a machete. And my wife hates it when I do any weeding in case that I might kill her plants


Recon they would be into cactus and date palms fertilised with blood and bone, the hanging gardens of the chaos dwarfs would be a combination of exotic desert plants and gallows. How’s the serenity!