General Wargaming Discussion

Given how the wargaming scene is so “split” as it relates to Warhammer and its deraitves, so we need a general wargaming forum. After all the focus of Chaos Dwarfs is so narrow as it is.


Most certainly. Should we also have an Off-Topic section (not relating to wargaming hobby) as on old CDO, or should we keep it to the general Wargaming section for sake of avoiding sprawl? I for one will upload history finds and cat pictures somewhere on the forum. :wink:

General Off Topic section sounds good; although if we go with the suggestion in the FB and get a Discord, general OT stuff could go there instead.

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Personally I think the forum should be the big go–to site, with everything else being peripheral (since you can’t find stuff again easily, or at all, on other platforms - horrible archive modes). Having an off-topic section here would work toward that end. Self-contained.


Agreed; a disco, if we were to have one, would be more for informal laid back chatting than self contained discussions.

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I agree! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the reason I came back to Chaos Dwarfs Online was because of the ease of reading about a certain conversation and being able to look things up and see what’s new.

Facebook, for example, will just show you what’s most recently been posted/had a response and the search functionality isn’t amazing for finding those discussions. Very easy to miss and lose things. Here, people can browse. The CDO FB group is in support of the site, not a replacement to it. And Discord is very much about chatting and “in the moment” talks etc - but it could be cool to live host a Chaos Dwarf show on there (especially if we can screengrab the whole thing to then post in these forums etc).