Getting the most out of this new system

Here are some things that I’ve been doing to make my experience with Discourse really useful:

Log in on your mobile device
‘Install’ CDO Discourse and accept notifications (for me, it prompted me to do this after I logged it, it seems to just add a shortcut on your home screen to the site and doesn’t really install anything)

With the notifications turned on, you’ll get alerts when your posts are being replied to or liked. It makes the experience very similar to an app like Facebook. I’ve also enabled notifications on my web browser. :slight_smile:

Pasting links to Instagram posts has been by far the easiest way for me to post images. It’s so easy. I’m not sure how many others are running IG accounts, but it’s super simple to post pictures this way.

Uploading images to posts seems pretty easy, but you only seem to be able to upload one image at a time, which is kind of disappointing, since with facebook you can multi-select many images at once. I’ll research this

Edit: I was mistaken, you CAN select multiple images to upload! Hurray!

If you discover any cool tips, post them here!


I’ve opened public registrations!

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I’ve just found out that links to external images are downloaded by the system and it updates the links in your original by editing the post. I guess this will prevent problems like the photobucket losses.


Yeah, pretty cool, eh? :slight_smile:

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Apparently, the number of photos in a post is based on your “trust level”, so limited to 1 per post to start with.

I haven’t spotted an edit button, but might also be to do with the trust level. Either way, I just got promoted and it tells me about the limit getting lifted (screenshot to explain).

P.S. Found the edit button, I just derped, haha.

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