G'huun: Greater Daemon sculpt by Johan von Elak

My friend Johan von Elak has put up pictures and explanation on his blog Jaberoo of his massive sculpt of Warcraft’s old god G’huun. He will use it as a Great Unclean One.

He built it while living in my apartment in between completing studies and finding a job. It was a lot of fun to see the monster unfold before one’s eyes. He took it on as a challenge and sculpted it completely himself, only asking me to do some slime dripping from the raised tail end after painting had started. The skeleton consists of wire and plastic, which was then coated with filler mixed with torn paper. This thick mixture took several days to dry out down in our boiler room.

This was subsequently covered in generous amounts of super glue (don’t get him started on the malice which super glue holds against him working with it ;)), whereupon he covered the body with milliput, and then sculpted an outer detail layer with copious amounts of green stuff. For more details, see Johan’s log.


Looks kinda like the Tyranids started worshiping Nurgle. :wink:

(Which they sorta could back in Rogue Trader come to think of it; or rather GSCs could fall to Chaos back then).


Epic, that looks like giant really disgusting slug!


Truly disgusting, in a good way. It is beautiful work.


Pretty cool stuff! Sculpting rules!