Goblin Torso Conundrum

I’m working on a big mob of greenskin slaves, mostly using old goblin regiment boxes I pick up on ebay. If you’ve worked with those boxes you’ll know… there are never enough torsos.

Have any of you guys seen a stable source of decent, goblin-sized torso and leg bits that can be had without the rest of the kit?

Perhaps gluing sprue bits and cover it with a simple green stuff torso sculpt could be an alternative?

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I am so bad with sculpting, I was worried that would be the answer, everyone on this board is a wizard with green stuff…

The level of green stuff proficiency on this forum is a little intimidating but on the flip side, the community are a great resource for advice.

Easiest thing in the world to sculpt imo is fur. Make them wear furry little vests and would be quite easy to make.

However should you not want to sculpt, the skaven night runners are still in production

The torsos are a separate part and quite compatible. The actual box is a treasure trove of bits but failing that you could scour eBay for skaven night runner and goblin torsos to make up the difference.



Bitz box seems to be stocking these torsos by the way :slight_smile:


Not any more they don’t. Thanks, Oxy! They’ll need a teeny bit of work because the head connection format on the old gobbos is torso-male to head-female whereas these are more modern. But I can manage that with sprue goo and concealed putty.


Haha excellent!

Yeah a little ball of putty as a “neck” would be fine and it wouldn’t have to look perfect as it would get covered straight away by a head. Look forward to seeing these @chitzkoi

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Nice shout :+1:t2:

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I’ve sculpted my own out of greenstuff. They look terrible up close, but with arms and head attached, at tabletop distance you really don’t notice at all. A torso is such a very basic shape, it’s hard to get it too wrong, and with proper body parts attached you don’t see much of it anyway.