Golden Hat XXXIV: Salty Seas

I really need to get moving on this. Still at the skeleton of a model stage…

Late to the party…but I’m in.

Short deadline should help with motivation :stuck_out_tongue:

Starting tonight

Please tell if the deadline proves too short. We’ve run with 8 weeks’ deadlines for a while now, thanks to @Zanko’s good advice in particular. Just wanted to test 6 weeks for variation. Extension is sure on the table if popular demand exist. :slight_smile:

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I would be in favour of postponing the deadline, I personally just can’t get any material (especially paint and primer) at the moment and therefore can hardly work on the project.

Thats resonable, its pretty much the same here. GW is closed and the other stores are pretty much out of the basics. Guess people been covering their needs for an extended hobby time at home… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got what I need for my entry though, but Im fine with delaying the deadline to a more resonable date.

Same as @tjub
Everything’s closed here in UK. I’ve got basically what I need but it may be very hard for lots of us to do so. Maybe the extension is fairer?

However this being said…lockdown in my country is confirmed for at least another 3 weeks and may be longer - we don’t want to postpone it indefinitely.

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Finally got back to work on this. I opted to use existing materials. That stated, I have had to scratch up some bits I thought I had, and frankly bit off alot on this one… soooo… a deadline extension will probably be my preference as well.

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Extended to 21st of May.



Well into my entry construction but unfortunately I have run out of green stuff - we have at least one shop still open here in Aussie so it should be ok.

Hope you all are well

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I’ve almost finished painting my entry and soon will be able to take some photos - I didn’t realise how hard it was going to be to try and find small toy starfish I might have to come up with another alternative idea to help create the elision of sea water

Not even close. Construction at about 40 percent. Still editing design to determine which elements will not make it in. Some of the more finicky stuff may not get done. Current goal is to finish build with a week for painting. Keep on slogging! Cheers!

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Entry is in through email - hope the pic made it - best of luck everyone who is entering


Well this has spawned half a dozen new conversion projects and spurred a few old ones into motion. Not sure how many I will finish, but there will be something


Cool, looking forward to see all the results here! :slight_smile: Yarr!

Still slow going with this one, and I’ve managed to christen it… I mean …seriously bleed all over it.
Nicked clean through the tip of a finger with a scalpel (again)


Hashut approves this blood sacrifice


I’ve just replaced the blade in mine so I too am waiting the inevitable first cut :unamused:

In typical fashion I’ve only just come up with an idea I think is good enough to enter, now the traditional attempt to get it done before the deadline. I just hope o can break tradition this time and actually enter something :man_shrugging:t2:


I’m still waiting for my order with the primer. I’m afraid there won’t be any more with the painting…

Ive base coated 3 times so far

Been there… done that… managed to narrowly avoid it on this one… thus far. My hands tell the story of my projects in scars.

Main model built. On with the so to speak embellishments… which may take just as long… will end up with an hour and 45 minutes left to paint it once I am done building. Way it goes.

Might need to do a hardware store run for parts as well.