Greebo Miniatures Interview - Questions wanted

Ciao everyone!
it’s your most [blank] italian here!
as you understood from the title, i’ll handle (oh damn) an interview with Greebo!

Why me? Because he is/they are italian as well.
Ofc you all know about their new Kickstarter with the new CD team

and probably you knew about their older team made…5/6 ish years ago? maybe more

so here we do have this great opportunity to have Greebo himself answering to our questions for our next Brazen Bulletin!
So let’s hear what you guys have in mind for this Florentine miniature company!



  1. What is your personal history with blood bowl?

  2. Chaos Dwarf teams tend to draw from a common set of archetypical features, but what are the individual choices you made that make yours distinctive?

  3. Hobgoblins are often the most varied thing between alternative blood bowl sculptors. What was the inspiration behind the distinctive look of yours?


Do you plan on releasing more models outside bloodbowl?

Where did you get the idea for the Oni style armor?

Have you ever made an ass cannon?

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I’ll add:

What are the process differences between your 2 chaos dwarf teams?
What you had in mind when you made your volimarian team 10 years ago and how did you achieve it? same goes for the new team.

Will your add-ons coach/band/tokens etc be accessible on your store even after the KS campaign? (Love the Lemmy model)

How did your work and model making evolved in all those years?

Will you ever join the dark side and sell eventual 3d files as well?


Hey everyone! Their KS has ended! This means we have to ask them the questions now!
Does anyone have something to add? Can’t go there asking 4 tiny questions xD

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For my part I didn’t find Greebos miniatures/style that interesting, so didn’t think too much about the interview. :confused:

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What was your most ambitious design

What first got you into mini designing

Who would win, Hashut or an evil walrus

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So far there are 13 questions.

Now that the campaign has ended, we can of course also ask about that

  1. What was your expectation for this campaign, are you surprised by the final pledge amount?

  2. Your estimated delivery time is probably the most ambitious for any physical models yet. When did you start production, did you run printers 24/7?

  3. After a campaign is before a campaign :slight_smile: After (I assume) a much deserved Christmas break, what’s next for Greebo Games?

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Great work everyone! I like those!
I’ll put them down and translate.
I’ll ask him 10 questions, sounds more official xF
This weekend will be it!

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Questions sent! He read them and now we’ll wait!