Green Stuff Roll Maker Megathread - just roll with it

Challenge Accepted!

Legion of Azgorh Beards

  1. Started with small-small plates and rolled a thin tube. Worth noting I mixed the green stuff with more green than I usually do to increase pliability and hopefully pick up more detail. Consequence of this is that it sticks to the roller easier if not using plenty of water.

  2. Leaving a few coils intact I went at it with the sculpting tool. Lightly pressing around the coil to replace the coil texture with messy hair strands. I repeated this with the pointy end of the tool going both directions (up and down the beard).

  3. Repeated for multiple sections and drew out the bottom. Also used a wet blade to scrape up the coils a tad, could also do that after a partial cure so as not to flatten the beard with a heavy hand. Not perfect but quick and reasonable? Let me know your thoughts @GhraskDragh