Green Stuff Roll Maker Megathread - just roll with it

Steampunk Tubes

  1. This is likely the most standard use of the Roll Maker set. Aligning the texture of two same sized plates to create grooves. Optionally start with a long enough section of wire so that you have a tube you can pose and pin into place on a miniature.

  2. Manually thread the wire through the green stuff and roughly form it. Wet flat plates and roll it into a neat tube around your wire.

  3. Here are a couple different resulting sizes both using the medium plates. When the green stuff is cured you can trim off the excess ends that aren’t as shapely or uniform if desired. (Don’t use your roll maker as a cutting board… bad Reaver!) It’s easier to get smaller tubes without the wire inside.

    Samples using the large and small plate in a similar manner.

  4. Enjoy placing them on miniatures! I often create collars from plasticard tube at the ends of sections to make a clean joint where it enters the miniature.

Use pair of medium plates for deeper ridges on tubes or just the smooth sides for no texture. Large plates were used on the backpack accordion bellows oxygen pump apparatus thingy.

Medium plates used on the left miniature. Small plates used for the beard of tubes on the right miniature below.