Green Stuff Roll Maker Megathread - just roll with it


  1. Using the smooth sides roll a conical shape by holding the plates at an angle as pictured.

  2. Depending on the size of the root desired I use two dissimilar plates to create irregularity. This time the grooves on both plates are aligned parallel to the length of the tube. Here I am using medium and large plates. Make sure to try to adhere to the conical angle similar to step 1. The goal here isn’t your final root texture, just a cheeky head start before you place it on a miniature or base.

  3. Remove from plate and stick it down. Any twisting or distorting should add to the root look. I come back with a sculpting tool and scarify sections that are too clean and add holes or extra forking sections of root. Finish it off with a bit of a mound around where it emerges from the ground so that basing material will mound up near it convincingly.

Here’s how this technique looks after priming