Greetings from Turkey , as Modder and Streamer

I started this game on Tomb Kings DLC and I did started modding on Warhammer 2’s End Cycle

by Making SFO Submods to teach myself and learn the modding

after Warhammer 3 I am been disapointed with SFO how they balance Ogres and newer races like Kislev , Cathay and such . now I make Zharrhammer Overhaul which is Sub-Overhaul for SFO rather being Competitor and yes I did left SFO Team for a while and their Discord

and have 10k hours on Warhammer 2 on steam since I love games like this and I don’t want things ruined specially Total War Warhammer franchise

this is the Zharrhammer Overhaul which is Complete stat changes and make some characters to be well Loreful as their stats goes and such and roster wise I did make some End Times inspiration like Malekith has access Elf Units across on Wood Elves and High Elves

Morathi has Access Slaaneshi Warriors rather than stick with Daemonettes

and much more

Chaos Dwarfs are biggest ones I did worked on they have Immortals’s as Unit rather than having it on RoR and Lava Trolls

Lava Trolls are on Troll for Troll King mod by Elon and Wolfremio

Mod itself is on steam link down below