GW Fire beard Bull Centaurs

I’ve not posted here before but have been an outside observer for some time, having had a Chaos Dwarf army since 1993, although have spent 25yrs away. I’m just getting back into things, and have discovered in the 5th Ed rule book, p46, that there is a regiment of Bull Centaurs shown with firey beards and black hides. It’s intrigued me that GW are officially showing them in a different scheme to the original 1993 colours. Does anyone know anything about this? No other Chaos Dwarfs have these colours. Seems really unusual.


I’ve just been informed that they are part of Gareth Hamiltons Best Painted Army from the 1995 Tournament, featured in WD 191. What an honour to be included in the rule book!


It’s pretty much the inverse of the GW colour scheme, which was red everything with black trim and beards. But it does look like the bull part has a gradient of colour towards the back, it would be nice to see one from the side.


I hadn’t even noticed the leg, they do look great.

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I have this white dwarf somewhere and remember staring at it for hours back in the day

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Ciao Matt! Fibay you joined us!
Those models are really cool colored this way, I might paint @fabelzel ones that scheme!

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