Hashut (not mine)

@nrmpaint on Instagram. I saw this, pretty amazing imo. The first time ive ever seen someone represent Hashut in model


No hat? #notmyHashut

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Well he looks like hes just come out of a lava hot tub so maybe he didnt want to mess up his colossal hat.

A chaos dwarf in comparison next to “Hashut” would have been nice. Unfortunately, I can not really imagine the size of the model.

Otherwise nice model - I imagine a Hashut but already different … :thinking:

It could be a good statue.
Of Hashut. Maybe a golem. But a god? There is a reason why when you create a monster looking as one would imagine one of the chaos gods, you obviously recognize a greater daemon in it, not the entity itself.
But as far as we see, Hashut has no greater daemons beneath him.

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i talked to the guy directly, he asked a sculptor (i walked to him as well) for the rapresentation of this artwork going around for the last few years

the model itself it’s a 1 piece only, doesnt exist anywhere else.
i talked to the sculptor to see how much would he charge for make another one of this, a 3d file one.
1k euro it’s the price he asked for, so i had to pass on that xD

but the temptation is in the back of my head every day since!


So did the original guy pay a grand for that? We talking a grand for the file or the model

Idk, he got the model printed, I asked for a group purchase stl and he told me 1k but being a group purchase he could lower it a bit

So the 3D model exists but is not his and he would have to redo it, or what is the issue?