Headless Hobgrots for postage only

Hi fellas.

As you may know, I have about 100 hobgrots on sprue.

I use the heads.

I don’t need the rest of them (although the banners are mostly gone too).

If you want them, and are willing to pay POSTAGE ONLY, you can have the remaindered sprues for free.

You’re… welcome? I think? Or maybe you’re doing me a favour? It’s hard to tell.


Hi chitz, ill take a few sprues for sure!
Ive thought about putting a few demon heads on some


By “a few sprues” zodd I will be sending them all. The tide cannot be stopped

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I could absolutely make use of some of these, I have a lot of heads left over which need bodies.

Unfortunately I’ve inspected the hands and they won’t suit my slave carriage needs but I can absolutely use more hobgrot slaves.

Thanks in advance and/or on behalf of others!

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OK, I searched but didn’t find:
Where are pics of you using the heads, i.e. what does the conversion look like?
Found an old thread instead where you were asking for… torsos. Very mysterious.

Off-topic, I know, but I’m curious.


So the vast majority of my kitbashes are primed or mid-paint at best, which is why there’s few pictures.

The torsos query from long ago was all about 00s multipart goblins, which are all assembled and primed too. You honestly wouldnt know them in a lineup, because the classic nightrunner torsos and legs are the same size as 00s goblins; they all have 00s goblin heads and arms (or Mantic equivalents) and fit in with those regiments. The hobgrots aren’t impacted.

The hobgrot heads from these bodies that I’m giving away have various uses or intended uses, including;

on Stormvermin bodies as hobgoblin heavy infantry to be flavourful black orc proxy - some of these can be seen on my old blog template but i believe it’s pretty common

on plague monk bodies as Sneaky Gits - Jac’s hobgrot blog shows what this looks like

on various historicals to make hobgoblin infantry, including:

  • Fireforge Games Steppe Warriors for use as khanate infantry
  • Warlord Zulus and Native Americans for use as orc proxies in the Forest Goblin army
  • Warlord Samurai and Ashigaru for use as khanate infantry

If you imagine each of those is between 20 and 24 heads, even with the double heads on some hobgrot sprues, it adds up fast. I’m only about 19 heads short currently, but that leaves what - 60-80 or so hobgrot torsos spare.