Highland Miniatures

Highland models are awesome but I think their dwarfs look more Dungeons and Dragons than Warhammer. (Wierd topic for a first post but it’s matter I care a lot).


Welcome to the forum man! We are all driven by passion!
Their model are a mix of 6th and 7th wh edition with 2024 proportions/scale
Surely they aren’t anything like the awesome kev adams dwarfs, yet I think they are doing a well rounded job on their entire line

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Any updates from Highland miniatures on this? :chaos1:

I do not think we have more than that there will be an election later this year.


Nothing more as of now! I just check in on their Facebook page from time to time and so far nothing yet.
Iirc it was going to be decided around the half year mark ish.

Time to vote!