Highland Miniatures

With the good and bad coming from the total war CD trailer, now even Highland Miniatures are coming to the table with their CD lot

I really like Highland Miniatures style, they dwarfs are unpeckable and they look like those sweet 6th edition ones, they are proving themself right with this take on the CDs

So far we have only this pic, and they look like an upgraded version of 3rd edition going towards 4th
Scale mail and eastern dagger, a tall helmet but not a hat, small tusks peeking out

Looks like a good mix of 3rd and 4th, surely is something that as far as i know only Fabelzel did with a couple of his warrios

We will see what they will keep making, i’m generally afraid of companies pushing in just matter of days so much new content out, simply because it’s the hype of the moment due to a videogame or whatever.
Everyone should keep an eye on them because they pull out some very neat models everytime


They’re very tall and slim

I printed those for a friend, his paintjob is excellent, they are proportioned like the 6th ed artworks
to me they look great, i like the proportions, scale and all

their take on those CDs might be something fresh and really interesting imo


Highlands doing CDs soon was rumoured (on our Discord, IIRC) a few months back.
Really curious to see more. The one preview unpleased looking dwarf in scale armour doesn’t convince me yet, but highlands did a great job so far on other races, so I believe there will be something useful to get.

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That looks so good! <3

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Was there ever any update on this? I would sacrifice many for these minis

Silent ever since as far as I know :shed:

Took it upon myself to ask them and got this in case anyone else was wondering


More than wondering, I was keep forgetting xD
Good thing I pinned this post :eggplant: