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That spider head is magnificent :spider:


So much cool stuff.

Worryingly my favourite is Flyface.
Oh him and your cat. You do your cat a mid-service though, the destruction of the high elves was clearly no accident. Astrocat is surely the reincarnated soul of a great Sorceror


So much cool stuff! Especially dig the platypus and ballistae Ogres. And the legs on that Daemon Prince are brilliantly done. Any chance the CD admiral is in the queue?


Thanks a lot folks!

@Uther.the.unhinged: Flyface was a fun little conversion. I first sculpted his belly and head, and then glued Chaos warrior hands into his sides. My brother and our friends burst out laughing at the sight of him. Cheers, Busan was fantastic in every way! :slight_smile:

@Jackswift: The admiral most certainly is! I’ve just been sidetracked by other stuff (not least a big commission), sorry about that. It’s the planned multipart nature of the kit and the wish to do your quality concept full justice that has slowed him down so much, otherwise I could have finished him in between other projects a good while ago. But i hope the wait will be worth it in the end.

I hope to get sculpting on him undisturbed later this year, sometime after finishing the big commission and moving a lot of stuff over from old CDO to new.

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Hobby overload :exploding_head: puts my hobby work to shame

Amazing stuff as ever, I love that car conversion :grin:


@GhraskDragh : Thanks a lot! And no shame on you or others. Never compare yourself and find yourself wanting. Always be inspired, never downput by the creations of others. :smile:

Stage 1 of building a rat hrone for @Eisenhans. With the fore ram of a ramshackle ancient galley, a small patrol ship called pentekonteroi, but built by shoddy rats:


Very well done spruecraft!


Hahaha I was waiting for this pun!


Right… I’ve waded trough this thread! What a great and diverse collection of beauties.

It makes me want to start sculpting (again-isch) but I should focus a bit more on painting insteaf of getting sidetracked in what would surely be a giant rabbit hole with all the great sculpting inspiration on this forum.

I love the platypus ogre, it reminds me of Alfred J. Kwak but on steroids.


Very impressive build! This is going to look awesome.

I also looked at some other works in this thread once again and still have a difficult time getting over those cool Roman ships having been “quick-sculpted in between other stuff” :smile:


@Reaver : Thanks a lot!

@MichaelX : It is inevitable!

Thank you most kindly. Becoming a sculptor for casting is an extremely likely hazard when joining CDO. :wink:

@Antenor: Thank you very much! Well, it was! Very quick work. The below is kind of also quick and shoddy. It takes a lot longer time because it’s so much bigger, but it’s done with a minimum of detail and care. Luckily Skaven don’t build fine stuff so that’s alright.

Stage 2 and 3 of building a rat throne for @Eisenhans . Much of this shoddy basecoat quicksculpting so to speak has been done by mixing green stuff and milliput.

And just what is the meaning of these 29 shields? Based on this concept doodle:

Stay tuned for the answer!


Oh I wish my work was as shoddy as yours.

Really it looks like it will be very cool.


@Uther.the.unhinged : Thank you most kindly!

Rat Throne for Eisenhans

A ramshackle structure towered over the battlefield, borne aloft on something which looked like timber scaffolding on wheels pulled by hundreds of lowly ratmen. This mobile tower took the form of a compressed little patrol galley, without oars and aft hull. Instead of a sail it sported a large, triangular bronze plate adorned with a rat king encircled by a tattered laurel wreath.

A garish smattering of hide-bound kite shields encrusted its wooden flanks in tasteless fashion, as if the filthy rat folk had once seen human galleys sporting warriors’ shields hanging along their sides, and attempted to replicate the look based on hearsay and sloppy enthusiasm. The result was a tacky plastering of shields without pattern or order, a chaotic jumble that contrasted with the symmetrical pleasure bridge of the landborne vessel.

Upon this bridge, a depraved sorcerer reclined on a divan coated in untarnished silks, clad in a purple toga of the same exotic material. Not a single hole could be seen gnawed or torn in his luxurious fabrics, and likewise the sorcerer’s body was pristine, without malformed parts or scars. His physique was that of a tall athlete, still at his muscular prime yet bulked out with a generous coat of fat born from orgiastic indulgences and shameful feasting at opulent banquets.

The horned verminkin sorcerer paid no heed at all to the battlefield below him, for his entire attention was focused upon satiating his base desires in the most decadent ways imaginable. Serving slaves tended to his every need, fanning his tanned hide, refilling his silver goblet and attending to his fleshly needs by means of clawed hands performing a wicked massage with expert care.

In fact the entire ship contraption was obscene. A careful observer borne aloft on a winged steed would have been able to count twentytwo exposed phalli, crafted or natural, living flesh or dead trophies, and that number included the ship’s long ram. Bells clanged as the ramshackle construct shook and swayed high above the teeming, skittering battlelines, and occasionally coins, wine amphorae and other heaped treasures would spill over the railing and rain down to the ground with clatter and bangs.

The sorcerous rat master seemed oblivious to the mortal danger which he had placed himself in, whether from the acute risk of his crude, towering vehicle toppling over, or from foeman deeds. He emanated an arrogant and lusty self-confidence, laidback and carefree, nobly bred and spoiled rotten in his prime. His bearing was lordly yet was strangely bereft of any suspicious glances and paranoid arrangements to protect his back from assassination and treachery. Reclining there on the divan, spilling fine wine on his rich clothes while a slave girl busied herself at his rolled-up toga, the ratman seemed an incarnation of hubris and sin.

In fact, the horned party wizard commanded undying and absolute loyalty from the handful of heavily armoured guards that were strewn across his landship tower. These were placed on the aft deck and on little wooden platforms at starboard and port, hefting sharp polearms and beating a drum made from human skin. Their martial presence reinforced the impression of might, for armed violence is always the secret of power.

The pompous splendour and costly luxury on display was matched by crude trophies dangling from the mast. Two jawless ratman skulls were strung up under the horizontal beam, and the hanged corpse of a freshly slain and blinded southron dwarf in full wargear boasted of the far reach of the decadent warlord’s campaigns. This southern trophy was matched by an equally distant northern one, for one of the elusive frost elves of the frigid northron lands could be seen nailed to the aft of the pleasure ship, an exotic borean grotesque to match the equally strange highlander from the hot south.

Clearly, the ambitions of this sorcerous hedonist aimed to win similar noteworthy trophies from far western and far eastern lands in future wars for his baleful collection. For as his fleshly appetites were insatiable, so his hunger for power over others could not be quenched. His will to power was a cup without bottom, impossible to fill.

Time would tell if the orgiastic warlock of the middle sea would succeed in his savage quest, or whether he would meet a spectacular and grisly end to regale the songs of a thousand bards in a hundred lands for centuries to come.

And so the scratchbuilt and quicksculpted throne build for Eisenhans’ host of Skintaxmountain draws to a close after weeks of fervent sculpting, gluing, drilling and clipping. It is built to his instructions, as you probably cannot avoid noticing, with all manner of surprise features thrown in on top.

The end rush of working on it during the last two weeks or so was meticulously planned out in a long checklist of steps upon steps, and the project plans fortunately met no major hiccups, although minor corrections were required in many places when test-fitting together the components.

This was an immensely fun behemoth to build, and I realize now that it is completed that such a project to this standard for some commercial client would have amounted to easily over € 2’000 if one started to count working hours and assume that I’m cheap (which is the case). That is obviously of no matter. It’s always so fun and rewarding to help friends and brother out in the hobby!

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are brave enough to gaze upon this creation, may I present to you the pleasure ship of Bill Clintus and Monica Ratzynski in flagrante delicto! The future scourge of Swedish tournaments. It will be a magnetized component which @Eisenhans can mount atop various large Skaven contraptions, depending on his army list. Since he think the concept of Roman rats is silly, I made sure to make his rat throne extremely Roman, with the kite shields as a nod to the medieval Roman/Byzantine military.

With a weight of 306 grammes and a height of 18,5 centimetres, this better be securely magnetized and fitted with strong pins and other contraptions to lock it securely in place to the ramshackle constructs it will adorn in the future. Likewise, the contraptions and their bases ought to receive extra weight to counter any top-heavy tendences. In the first place it needs to survive its gangly position if its owner shall have any chance at all of claiming prizes in tournaments’ painting competitions. A broken model claims no glory.

Large parts of the build needed to be basecoated before I glued parts together, because otherwise all manner of nooks and crannies may not have been reachable during Eisenhans’ painting later on. Ergo the messy look of the finished pictures.

At the end of this update you can find various instructions which I included for Eisenhans to follow during future assembly of loose ratmen after painting.


Planning the diorama with unglued pieces:

Planning out the shield positions for assembly, unglued. I documented which areas of which shields’ backsides needed sculpting (i.e. those in any way visible from any angle) to save on green stuff. Gluing shield pins to the hull was the last step before photography:

The plinth started out as a crow’s nest, but that idea was quickly scrapped because it drew attention away from the divan (notice how the triangular metal sail point like an arrow to the hedonist sorcerer). Instead it was given fascinus ornaments and other decorations, and its capital was very loosely based on Corinthian columns, but cloudy or wavy with no fine detail.

Note that drill holes were carefully matched between the plinth and the underside of the ship build. The right pins for the right holes were marked out by the number of bands penciled onto them. A fine marker pen was used frequently, and proved a great help for building it all to fit stuff together.

Rat Throne 09b

The aft sections of the ship. The platform’s rim was given egg-and-dagger decor:

A bored and lonely guardsman inspired by the ignoble example set by his boss. Note gladius and pteruges:

The Stormvermin guard force:

The Clanrat guard force. Note the clumsy gambeson cloth armour of the rightmost rat, with its bound-up sleeves and helmet made of rivetted-together metal bands; both features of Byzantine footsoldiers:

The northron trophy from distant battlefields is a Frost Elf. Fantasy Finnic Wood Elf. Given Eisenhans’ sense of humour, we might say that the knife-eared Elfling is stuck to the stinking posterior of the ship:

The southron trophy from distant battlefields is a Gavemite. Fantasy Ethiopian Dwarf. This incidentally makes Eisenhans the first owner of any such miniature in the world! Expect conversion tutorials and some miniature sculpt for casting to come in future years for this well-illustrated concept:

Bill Clintus and Monica Ratzynski with lowly feather slave, prior to assembly:

The ship prior to basecoating and assembly. Note the small symbols on the back of the mast, featuring the last human ruler of Avras quartered by four Vermin Hulks (you can find other Roman rat concept drawings here):

The finished build, land flagship of Classis Phallus Maximus Rattus Rattus! You can buy these metal amphorae here.

Rat Throne 17e
Rat Throne 17f

And finally the assembly instructions for the loose Skaven miniatures, to be glued in place once Eisenhans has painted them:

Rat Throne Instruction 02

Rat Throne Instruction 05


Utterly gorgeous. Brilliantly realised concept that shows the joy and possibilities of historically inspired fantasy!

Almost makes me want to play skaven/ratmen/verminkind


Not sure what word i could use as “beautifull”, “lovely”, “gorgeous” dont feel right, but “disguisting”, “deprived” and such words are too negative… I it’s a beautifully sculpted piece of a very perverted scene :smiley:
i love it!

@Eisenhans Please paint this as soon as possible and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF HASHUT, POST PICTURES!


Really well done, I dig the Roman theme. After having listened to @Tyranno talking about the hobgoblin army book over on the Brazen Broadcast, I presume it’s a Ninth Age thing to give the fantasy races a historically inspired aesthetic? Makes them so much better and unique in my book.

Thinking about it, the Byzantine/Roman-ratmen connection is really fitting: for instance, if I remember correctly, the Romans dug tunnels in siege warfare to undermine the enemy’s defences. That’s what I meant, this historical connection gives so much inspiration and enthusiasm for new batshit crazy army projects. Well done, @Admiral! I have to excuse myself now and calm down a bit. Otherwise I might end up mutilating my IoB skaven. :wink:


@Uther.the.unhinged : Thank you most kindly, sir! Warms my heart to hear.

@MichaelX : Haha! Thanks a lot! And indeed he must. :smiley:

@Anzu : Thank you very much! Aye, correct. In a time when so much fantasy has gone toward copyrightable IP mania and thus ditched the historical basis, T9A went in the opposite direction.

Well observed! Most fitting there. And please do mutilate some Isle of Blood Skaven to Rome 'em up. :hatoff:

Premier for Astro-Ungarian Infantry Conversions

Lo and behold, ladies and gentlemen! General von Dorfenhötz and his murderously optimistic plans are coming to the grim darkness of the far future near you. Prepare for glorious festive balls, uniforms with class and armies poor in morale and equipment. Brace yourselves for noble finery, gambling, partying and embezzlement. Stand to attention at the incoming footsteps of shrieking incompetence, lack of supplies, misery in the field and grand offensives cooked up by an energetic moron and unbreakable optimist. And gaze at the moustaches on display!

The Imperial and Royal forces of glorious Astro-Ungaria are being shipped out to serve the Divine Imperator and the Mortal Duarch of their homeworld. In large numbers will they march, underfunded, underequipped and with faulty training. Following the cult of the offensive, they will rush like heroes into the jaws of death, and die as martyrs like wheat before a scythe, to the clinking of crystal glasses in luxurious bunkers behind the line…

How does it feel to serve a rotting Imperium?


These are the first Astro-Ungarian conversions for my friend J.A.B. Much more will follow. Tutorials for sculpting headgear and moustaches can be found here.


I said it over in Lustria, but it bears repeating. Fantastic work all around. The hats on the Astro-Ungarians (clever by the way) are amazing. Really exquisite sculpts that really give your friends a one of a kind army. Uniquely brilliant work on all of this.


For the Emperor!
These Austro-Hungarian inspired troopers are brilliant as they are beautifully sculpted. I wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from you. I love them.
Admittedly, I’m biased because the Austro-Hungarians are in my top three favorite historical armies, but to give them a 40k update is truly wonderful.
And I know that you’re already a wealth of information about history etc, but maybe you’ll find this useful for a quick reference to Austro-Hungarian hats for future sculpting efforts:

Emperor Karl approves.


@Bowser : Thank you most kindly! Much appreciated. The name Astro-Ungaria was invented by my friend Johan von Elak, too fun not to use in a sci-fi setting.

@Fuggit_Khan : Viva Habsburg! Thank you very much, sir! Austro-Hungarians are indeed fascinating and so much fun to learn about. About time they took to the stars.

Excellent compilation picture of headgear! Most useful. I will add it to the growing hoard of reference pictures. I hope to use variations of all of these hats in my friend’s budding army.

These quick pieces of decor for a display board were sculpted at the start of last week, before a frenzied couple of days ensued of preparing armies for a tournament. Note herm and fascinus. Naturally, the nature of the sculpts had to be in line with the army theme of @Eisenhans . He has spent half a year of mad activity on converting, sculpting and painting a massive collection of pigmen and sealmen, all fit to flesh out four full armies on a scheduled team tournament. The team tournament had to be converted to a standard single tournament, but we still showed up as a team, complete with big pig display board built by construction engineer Dennis.

A short video by @Eisenhans can be found here. Much more will follow over on his log on T9A.

Likewise, more pictures of the pig display board and a couple of anecdotes from this tournament can be found here.