Quick 'n' Dirty Astro-Ungarian Headgear & Moustache Tutorials

Instructions for replicating the hats seen here, sculpted for a friend’s Astro-Ungarian Imperial Guard army in Warhammer 40’000.



I really appreciate these trips to various historical (or should I say futuristic?) settings. You always make it look so easy. I don’t even want to think about how many separate sculpting sessions it would take me to achieve something comparable yet inferior to what you do in a single session.

Any chance to get a high-res version of this? Unfortunately, discourse samples them down too much… the Fez tutorial seems broken by the way. Ah, and the link directs to the wrong post, haha.


@Anzu : Thank you most kindly! Do it enough, and it eventually becomes easy.

Ah yes, they get compressed on Discourse, at least on computer. I’ve been able to see compressed pictures here well on phone, strange enough. I’m still getting used to Discourse, and when I remember to, I throw in both Discourse uploads (as backups) and my usual copy-paste-spam external image links.

Ask and ye shall receive! First post updated. Good catch with the link, thanks.