Hobgoblin Hobbies

Jason Fairclough of Thunderchild Miniatures, Hobgoblin Hobbies, etc just posted these WIPs, who know how they will end up. But looks useful to me atleast, maybe Zharr Vyxa or as some Chaos Dwarf-ified Kharadron Overlords?


These could definitely be useful. I‘ll be interested to see the finished product!

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Could also work as Chaos Squats.




This just keeps getting better!

Any idea when and where these beauties will be released?

I absolutely love their astronaut esc armour, It’s a unique take and I personally would use these to add some spice and variety to my army.

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Love these Eggboys. Dunno if they’ll be to scale with my army project, but who knows? I think Jason and Jamie might release these as printables at some point, but whatever form they take, I’ll definitely want to use them for something fun.

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Wow! They would work as Zharr Vyxa divers, and certainly as Chaos Squats. Impressive.

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They are nice. Could do with more skulls, or spikes or … you could paint them white and have them as Stormtroopers… led by a tall sorceror on mechanical legs, all in black, with a full face helm, a black cloak and a magic red glowing sword…representing the dark side of the dwarfs.

Ask and ye shall receive:


Truly awesome. I want one… but wait should’t they come in pairs?

Interesting…but am I the only one who thinks they look more like Orcs?

They do. The lack of moustache and visible beard adds to this impression.

Just noticed that their hands only have two fingers (and presumably a thumb).