Hobgoblins and Your opinions

Im looking to expand into hobgobs for my chaos dwarf army. What actual good use are they these days for TOW besides wolf riders and their ability to flank or attack crews.

I’ve played 6th-8th edition without ever using them but I may want some sneaky gits or something


I reckon sneaky gits are our best unit. Multiple shots bs4 weapons , ws 4 skirmish ambushing legends! Made more than their points back 3 games in a row. Rerolls when they hit rear or flank which they always do…

40 hobbos with shields with a hero ld 10. Can hold against most for a couple of phases allowing you to counter charge.

Hobbos with arrows…3pts big units or small are both useful


I’ve only used 2*10 bare bones archer units thus far, and they have been usable as meat screens, fake-outs in deployment, and the occasional lucky shortbow shot. They are cowardly to the extreme, though, so are vulnerable to all sorts of panic.

@Zoddtheimmortal interesting about the sneaky gits :thinking: May have to give them a chance after all. From others I’ve only heard how disappointing their performance had been.

I’m not so sold on wolf riders, but maybe I just haven’t quite grasped their usefulness.

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Context I have skaven and a small 1000 pt all ogre army, in my model advice thread you can get an idea of what I currently have for the chaos dwarves

Idk about K’daai. I won’t be fielding them anytime soon. Glass cannons, from what I gather.

The deathshrieker is wonderfully versatile if it can hit, demolishing big bads and causing panic in low toughness units.

Dreadquake slowing ability is useful for deterring cavalry and overall advancing enemies. Should be prioritizing big bads, cause of the excellent d6 multiple wounds and AP.

Including these war machines does favor a castling playstyle, which might not be your thing (for sure I’ll be moving away from it going forward)

The Infernal Guard are supremely steadfast and potentially feisty with a daemonology sorcerer among their ranks. Daemonic vessel and daemonic vigor, watch them have at it with S5 t5 a2 i3(+3?) and AP 1 :astonished: Probably best taken with HW and shield. Blunderers or fireglaives as a smaller detachment in line formation to max out the shots.


How many sneaky gits would you buy and run at 1000/2000 pts in general?


Ive ran 1 unit of 10 (60pts) in 2 games. 2 in my last game again at 1500. The plan is to ambush and take out artillery and squishy units at the back. Then make their way to help out the cd units by getting rear charges. You run the risk of not rolling a 4+ early in the game though and them not being as effective. 60pts though…worth a gamble


I’m going to build and paint some hobgoblins aren’t I?

After I made a whole hobgoblin army?

But they need to match my colour scheme for my new army don’t they?

I hate you all


As I don’t have any hobgoblins yet this was a very interesting post. Any other unit recommendations to soak up some fire?

26, well final will be 30 for 3 units of 10 in 3000 pts army.
This will help with the law of averages when they show up.
I have 13 now painted. I have to take out another mortgage for the last 4 metal hobo’s.
Soooo, 20 for 2000 pts.


Yes, yes you are.
Cant wait to see them.

These are the shit snizzle.
Use them to trigger goblin ball fanatics. Then run away.
Re direct frenzied troops. Then run away.
Quickly get into enemy territory and make them change their battle plan. Then run away.


Taking 2-3 units makes the odd in your favour!

O&G players can now choose whether to release fanatics or not, even how many, so luring them out isn’t as easy as that anymore.

I agree that they’d be good for redirecting and all that, but barring bull centaurs our ability to capitalize on an out of place unit is sort of hampered by our movement speed.

Anyway, I’ll get some, down the line.

If you’re facing a lot of regular shooting, the ashen banner is worth the investment. If you’re facing a lot of war machines and whatnot that doesn’t use BS, the Lamassu’s Beard is a costly but worthwhile option.

I probably mentioned it already, but I swear by the 2*10 hobo archer units.


Bastards, they changed the rules on me.
Just now reading the new book.
Have found a few quirky little changes.
Thanks for the heads up.

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All while shooting in every direction

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