Horns of Hashut Human Warband in Warcry

so those models are technically US xD


A shame so little CD rulesets support human next to greenskin slaves.

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“too much conversion work”


Human thugs would have similar stats as hobgoblins. I dont see that as a problem. Just need them on 20mm squares for fantasy


:cd1991gif: :cd1991gif: :cd1991gif:

Too much for me at least, I can’t even finish painting the bloody things :man_facepalming:t2::grin:

Love that there braver people like you out there :hatoff:


The models are neat enough in and of themselves. Nice to get some human slave labour models. Conversion potential is good.

It would have been wise for GW to include at least a couple of CDs in this warband. Preferably as leaders. We have already seen a couple of Chaos Duardin in two other Warcry warbands, and Horns of Hashut calls out for stunties. Having human followers of Hashut in AoS is not necessarily a bad concept (had it been for WHFB, it would have come at the expense of the archaic string called tribal gods, which would be a considerable sacrifice in worldbuilding), but having no CD models in their ranks at all just come across as jarring given the references in play here. No wonder the lack of evil midgets appear as a travesty to many.

The idea of some humans flocking to Chorf Blacksmiths of Chaos to worship a dark god of greed, oppression and industry for his favours has an interesting ring to it, potentially even when seen with WHFB eyes. More 80s than 90s CD taste, Khorne aside. CD minis in the warband would have rung true to such a vision.

For Old World uses, these models have great potential as lowly slaves on the one hand, and on the other as hirelings in the service of Dawi Zharr as mercenaries. That gives plenty of story room for tensions with the vastly more numerous (and treacherous) Hobgoblins, and ties in with the idea of the Chaos wastes up north being a Chaos Dwarf sphere of influence. I’ve always been a fan of chucking in a few Chaos Marauder mercenaries for Chaos Dwarfs, as evidenced in this Path to Glory atttempt.

Chaos Dwarfs in my eyes always do well when they have Chaos put into them, and ties to the wider Chaos world established, without losing their own distinct themes. Having a small number of hireling humans on hand is a fitting way to go about it, given that it keeps them at arms length as mercenaries (contrasted with the special middleman status of Hobgoblins), while underlining the business-minded nature of these rich hellsmiths, slavers and industrialists.

4th edition equivalents of using these Horns of Hashut minis as hireling Marauders could be something like humans in Hittite or Philistine garb, or maybe even Sumerian at a stretch. Given that Scythian is taken by Hobgoblins, and straight up Assyrian/Babylonian humans in an Assyrian Chaos Dwarf army just does not ring well. While Elamite, Urartian or Caananite styles seem too close to the trend-setting Assyrian one. Or do they? Any brainstorming thoughts on all of this, @Fuggit_Khan and everyone else?

Using straight-up Chaos Marauder or Thug models is of course always possible and fine, but the thought experiment of decking them out in a historical style for foreign mercenaries in an Assyrian style CD force is worth pursuing.


Funny you say that. Some time ago I thought about a potential idea for chaos marauders: what about those who crave order and discipline? The four chaos gods would not do. Hashut and the CDs would be a source of a different kind of faith.

I was thinking about an excentric chaos dwarf prophet, lost in the northern frontier, who would try not to enslave marauders, but to convert them, to replace the hobgoblins, too conniving and incapable of worshiping Hashut.

Those human worshippers could even march against their unruly kin with the religious duty of beating the madness out of the wastes and imposing the iron discipline of the dwarfs. An impossible yet grandiose ambition.


@Admiral & @ashur
I do like the thought process and (historically based) ideas that the both of you have put forward.
I think the Elamites and Caananites are aesthetically too close to the Assyrian based CD influence?
They are a close aesthetic:

But I think the ancient Semitic warriors would be a nice choice for human worshippers of Hashut, just in terms of religious fanaticism driven by a faith in bringing order to the world, and a similar, but distinctly different, look that compliments the CD Assyrian style:

But there’s no comparison to the treachery and backstabbing of the Noble and fearsome Hobgoblin.
Hail Hashuts chosen, hail the Hobgoblins.


Excellent ideas, @ashur and @Fuggit_Khan !

This is well worth exploring both in writing and visuals. Perhaps an upcoming Artisan’s Contest (modelling or art) could be devoted to it? It would be a way to welcome the Horns of Hashut release, give people a chance to fix the lack of CD models for them if they want, and to play further on the idea of human worshippers of Hashut in completely different styles.

An essentially tribal religion that started proselytizing and expanding outside of its traditional stomping grounds does rhyme some with how Judaism gained converts during antiquity (before being overtaken in the field by its runaway succesful sect of Christ worshippers, following Paulus’ handiwork), as well as the Isis cult of the Egyptians and the Magna Mater/Cybele cult of the Phrygians. There is a very interesting 1911 book available for free on this site that delves into these matters of religious syncretism, though not the Biblical strains, if anyone is interested in a deep dive.

Ex occidente lex, ex oriente lux: This is a Roman saying meaning that from the west comes law, from the east comes light (culture, new religious cults).

And no one can challenge the mighty Hobgoblin for supremacy. :hob04:


You should see my models. I tried to dial up the Assyrian aesthetic as much as possible, without losing anything that made this army the fantasy one it is.


My friend JAB shared this:

And my brother EEJR this:

“No wonder the Mad Hatter is mad, since he is constantly talking to HASHUT.”


Ok, so i was really wrong it looks like xd.
Really disapoonted to see the 1st propper mention of Hashut in AOS be… humans xd.
That really sucks xd. Still there is hope for the future, and we have seen squats from Necromunda, LoV bike and a stunning new KO model so at leas there is something for us short-people-lovers xd


Well, I was absolutely sure they’d mix in one confused dwarf just for teasing and for making you all buy the whole set. ^^

I‘m still sure we get CD for ToW and get to see their design in a TW:WH3 expansion beforehand, and the worst thing to happen would be it being bad or too far off.


I love the idea of human Hashut worshippers mimicking the appearance of the dwarfs, including the assyrian beards. Maybe not completely iron age semitic (too lacking in technology). They should have better weapons, similar to the CDs ones.

Also, bringing order to the world in the name of chaos is a perfect embodiment of the contradictions of the chaos gods, like Necoho, the old god of nonbelief.


Love the idea. Seeing things that way, I’m not hostile to human Hashut worshippers. Quite the contrary actually.

Now, what should they look like? An interesting challenge. I’m picturing some kind of compromise between historical assyrians and heavy armored marauders.


Can we see?

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Behold the power and glory that is Tyranno’s Dwarvish Mesopotamia.


With the box being available soon, anybody got plans for these and/or WarCry 2nd Ed?

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Tur write-up for the Horns of Hashut is up on Warcom today.


They mention “evil duardin”. I actually got goosebumps.


I will probably get a box of them, but just so I can chop them up for bits and conversions.
And I admit I take a great delight in pouring model glue on the GW round bases and then setting them on fire.
Don’t mind me, I’m stubborn and old fashioned.