Hotstuff gets in on the game [BATG 2024]

Okay… Let’s do this…

Having rejoined CDO after a 15 year hiatus last year, the almost extinguished flame of this hobby was fully revived. I loved seeing all the discussion, painting and sculpting, which I joined in on, but the BATG blogs puzzled me somewhat. So, best to try one this year and figure out what all the fuss is about :wink: .

I spent last year successfully collecting a full army of Big Hat originals (thanks @chitzkoi), while picking up a few 3rd-edition-additions along the way. Then came the flood of jaw dropping 3D prints, so gracefully provided by our good friend @MichaelX. They include the amazing @Brawniac sculpts, the wicked Bastards by @Reaver , and a whole bunch of bits and bobs I was able to crank out myself in CAD. I have painted about 5 models last year…

I follow the simple rules as stated elsewhere, but I’m going to keep track of original models produced/sculpted/distributed as I hope to create some more cool stuff for the community.

A few loose + goals:

  • Paint enough big hats to battle with for the upcoming TOW release
  • Sculpts of all banners from the 5th edition army book
  • Sculpt 1+ Bastard
  • Sculpt a novel war machine or k’daai proxy

Likely - goals:

  • Aquire the Legion of Azgorh models
  • Aquire every bastard
  • Aquire every Brawniac big hat
  • Probably forgetting something here…
Month :writing_hand:
Jan 0 8 -8 Contributed to TOW PDF Book :slight_smile:

Yes! I’m so glad you’re going to engage with the forum, I love the things you make and paint and I’m excited to see them get the dignity of a good proper blog!

May Batterger, Patron God of all those who slash a brush against the corpus of the unpigmented, favour you.


Getting started with the @Brawniac blunderers. Got the champion mostly painted at the end of 2023, but finished him this year, so if I’m gonna be kind to myself that’s -1. Great start.

First time trying a light primer and contrast paint base coat. Super pleased with the results so I plan to do the rest of the unit this way.

Next up trying some serial painting now I have an idea on paint approach. Also need to stick the rest of the unit onto my custom modular bases.


Oh, this warms the very cockels of my heart! Can I share the pic of the painted blunder champ on Instagram? Or point to yours?


You may, feel free to tag me @emieldenexter


January comes to an end, time to tally up. No new mini’s bought! In fact, some unsolicited gifts were given to others, but we don’t count those. :wink: Did buy a crap ton of contrast paints though :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:.

I had an enormous amount of fun getting back into painting with the fantastic @Brawniac Big Hat Blunderers. I’m gearing up to start on my Big Hat Originals and these are a great warming up. Moreover, I’m never quite sure what paint scheme I should do. It’s very likely to be the classic red/black/gold, because I’m doing this for pure nostalgia’s sake. Still it’s fun to try out some different color schemes’s as seen below.

Once a full unit is finished, I will kick off the a dedicated Big Hats blog.

-8 for January!


So beautiful! Hope you like the lamassu!

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Wow, they look really nice. Such characterful models, I’m definitely going to have to get myself a bunch of those guys.
Just wish I had the skills to pain them as well as those ones.