House of Hashut HeroQuest Campaign

I have started work on a Chaos Dwarf campaign for HeroQuest that I am calling House of Hashut.
The campaign will unfold over 7 scenarios where players will get to play as the original heroes of HeroQuest against a defending Chaos Dwarf horde and then later in the campaign it will switch to playing as Chaos Dwarf Heroes against “the so called good guys”, then it switches up to a special scenario in the middle where it is a bit of a skirmish of good v evil and finally a rebellion of the Black Orcs where a Chaos Dwarf party goes in to crack some heads and stop the rebellion, showing those dirty slaves their rightful place in the pecking order!

I have put together a list of different characters for play for defending good guys, defending rebel scum, defending Chaos Dwarfs as well as 4 Chaos dwarf “heroes”.
Story board is pretty much complete just needs a good slapping of fluff and its good to go, I need to do up stats and weapons for the new characters which my head is already going crazy on.
After that I just need to do up the maps for the scenarios before putting it all together in a nice fancy looking booklet.

I do have one hurdle that I am going to need help from the community… I can not draw to save myself and I would love some artwork donated for me to use in the booklet so I can make it look as awesome as possible. If anyone would like to contribute to this part of the project I would be very grateful, please post any works that you can give me permission to use on this project.

Once this is fully completed I will share a printable pdf here for all to print off and test out the campaign.

I am very excited about this project and I dare say I could have it finished within a few weeks as I am going to get stuck right into it like a madman! Very much looking forward to having it completed to share with everyone here at CDO :beer:


This sounds like a cool project! I’ve considered making a “Catacombs of Uzkulak” expansion to Warhammer Quest Silver Tower since I was able to gateway friends into the hobby with that game.

This post on my blog links to various doodlings I’ve done. I’m not sure if the style will align with your vision or theme but perhaps with some clever cropping something might be there. They’re plain ink pen with no color, akin to an historians notebook. Happy to let you integrate them in some manner with mayhaps just a footnote of credit somewhere in your tome.



Sounds cool! You should have a look at @Nicodemus threads on the old forum. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that guys, much appreciated.
@Reaver I will defs like to use some of those sketches and will indeed have a credits section in the booklet, I probs should have mentioned that in my 1st post but I was a bit excited and it slipped my mind but it will exist.
I am thinking perhaps put like the nickname from CDO alongside real names but if anyone has a preference of how they would like to be credited ie just real name, just nickname or both please let me know.

This is going to be kick ass :smiley:


Reaver (Jared Foster) works for me or whatever equivalent format you prefer. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Sweet as, I like that kind of format as I feel the nick names alongside our birth names gives it that bet extra expression of personality and is just plain cool.

Also a shout out to @Loidrial who has also kindly donated some artwork for this project.

Thanks heaps guys, anyone else who would like to participate, please feel free to jump in!! The more the merrier I always say :hatoff:


You seen these @Deebo ?

Sculpted in the style of HQ minis :slight_smile:


I have come across those before and saved them to my OneDrive for the day I finally get a printer… Which should arrive next week :grinning: Thanks for the heads up though :hatoff:


Great ideas here! You can use all artwork of mine, if you find anything useful. Just refer to me as Admiral or Karak Norn Clansman and it should be fine.

Likewise, you could check with @forgefire (Deviantart gallery) and @knightinflames (Deviantart gallery if you could get permission to use some of their artworks. They have great coloured pieces, both of them.

Best of luck!


Just having a quick look now before I head out and Yes Please to all of the above!! :cd1990gif: :smiley: :beer: :hatoff: I can already see some on all 3 of those pages that I would love to use for the project.

My 1st draft is coming along nicely and I hope I can start work moving it onto the computer for the pdf next week some time if all goes well.