How much does chaos dwarf army cost?

Hello, I’m new user here and I am from Finland. I was wondering since I couldn’t find a pricing for 4-6th edition Chaos Dwarf prepainted for tabletop army or Legion of Azgorh army (which I quess is 8th edition?). Not really sure since I’m new to the whole warhammer hobby. About 2000-3000 points is what I’m looking for with an army book. How much I should be willing to pay for one approximately? Would like 500€, which is like 591$ get me anywhere or do I need to pay more? I’m currently looking for seller in Finland and possibly from abroad if I can’t find one from Finland’s own Warhammer community. I’m sorry if this topic was already here and I didn’t look specifically enough. Thank you for any replies.


Hi Anselmi!

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There are many different ways to answer your question.

I suggest that you message me 1:1 on discord, where the good folks of the board linked me to your post. I’m big into collecting and I buy and sell miniatures often, so I can help you to think about your options. I don’t sell any of the Azgorh miniatures myself so I will strictly be talking to you about places you can find what you’re looking for.

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I can’t speak for Legion of Azgorh, but I can tell you that I’ve collected ~1300 pts of big hats (4-6th edition) over the past year and have paid ~0.75 USD/point. That’s collecting a wide range of models including standard chaos dwarfs, warmachines, orcs, and hobgoblins. Some are more expensive per point than others, however I will say that ~$600USD for 2k+ points is not likely.

I can also vouch for Chitzkoi in that he is both a great resource and an honest seller!



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