Indenturing Party leaves Zharr-Naggrund

The ever cruel and miserly Sorcerer-Prophets of the Z-N treasury council have generously rubber stamped the funding of an indenturing party, with the explicit expectation of significate returns, to head out in search of resources, trade and raiding.

Its shaping up to be a 1500-2000 pts army, currently composed of forge-world and lost kingdom,

  • Sorcerer-Prophet on foot
  • Daemonsmiths
  • Infernal Guard
  • Iron Daemon, Magma, Deathshrieker, Dreadquake

I thought I would do it as an blog and BATG and BAMSH (Battle Against My Shaky Hands) 2024.

Maybe I’ll get to play to! As most just build and paint, so would be nice to try it out on the table.

Any way some pics of the progress

This is colour scheme something like red, gold, metal, black. (Sorry for the repost!)

Train is preparing to leave the station

working on the crew. Idea for the scale armor colour; gold for the higher ups metal for the others.

Starting on the Iron Daemon now, most complicate thing I have every painted (my other minis are admech 40k) but this thing is beautiful but a headache!

Any advice or feedack is most welcome!!! :hat2:


Just keep chugging away at it


chooo chooo


Of course i started the thread, then started a new job and the (demon) train didn’t leave the station… But Summer is coming so I will have more to post soon! I hope…