Indypride Promo Video is Live

Thanks to @Stumpy I finally got off my ass and wrote a site showcase for Indypride from MilkandcookiesTW. He in turn has made it into a video for his ~200k odd subscribers.

With these new TWW3 Chaos Dwarfs, a new era dawns for CDO!


The road to Zharr Naggrund is paved with the bones of the damned! Let the unwashed masses clamber to their cells and cages in the great Ziggurat! Don’t forget to like and suscribe too :stuck_out_tongue:


What is a site showcase and what is Indypride?

The video is good, it would have been nice to have had some more specific dates on a couple of things but it was also nice and succinct.

I had no idea Chaos Dwarf Juggernauts were so expensive, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere I managed to get a regular dwarf TA2 Juggernaut cheap a few years ago and I knew they were £350-450 but damn chaos ones are a level above even that.


Indypride is a well established Total War: Warhammer content creator on Youtube. He does thematic battles and lore videos, and drives a lot of the popularity of the francise online. I, personally, really enjoy his videos and his witty one liners. @chitzkoi basically tossed a spotlight on our community with the impending release of our faction in Total War: Warhammer III, which is huge! All praise be to Chitz! I shall beat my slaves extra in his honor!


To be fair a credible price for a juggernaut is much lower. But there is a famous listing at £850. It has never sold. If you wanted one, you could get one from someone in the community for much less. In the majority of cases the value of 80s minis has peaked, and individual renegade-era chaos dwarfs are no more expensive - and in many cases cheaper - than bighats, because demand is lower.

Part of the value of the Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut is the intricacy of the kit. It’s three stories tall - that is a lot of components, which increases the odds that any of them could be lost or broken down the years.