Infernal Dwarf Warband


I just wanted to share this warband I recently painted up for the Infernal Dwarves in The 9th Age.

The dwarves on foot are 3D prints with designs from Maypole, with some slight conversions, and the Taurukh is a design by Fabelzel. The Vassal designs are by Reconquer Designs, except the one with two swords which is an old Helldorado miniature.

They are painted up in the colours of the citadel Sakumesh, just west of the Sky Mountains, known for its unusually fertile lands. Their patron for is Gantar, a vision of Shamut. She is the goddess of sex and fertility, with a golden lion as her emblem. Gantar was captured and killed in the underworld, a story which has contributed to the distaste the Infernal Dwarves feel towards living underground.


Welcome friend, well met!

I absolutely love these! Excellent paint job, such vibrant colours! Awesome NMM and skin tones.


Welcome here at CDO! :hatoff:

Very smart troop and great painted! :beer: I look forward to seeing more of your guys. :wink:


Terrific work on the NMM!


Brilliant painting, wish i could paint like that. Great job.

I hope you expand on this force at some point and do a blog?


Welcome! These are beautiful


Welcome aboard, sir.

Wonderful top-notch work as ever! As mentioned over on T9A forums, lovely painting down to every last differently coloured cobblestone and every little fur texture on the Taurukh centaur. One might wish upon a star that you eventually expand this into a fully fledged army so that we get to see it on tournaments. :smiley:

Also, clever background reason for over-the-ground living. Ishtar’s descent into the netherworld (complete with stripping scenes, of course) is a good starting point. Intriguing glimpse into the background. I look forward to catch up on Infernal Dwarf developments next year. Be sure to to find some contests here with broad themes based on new concepts developed for IDs in the Ninth Age.


These look brilliant! Great work blending the miniatures from different sources together with a class paintjob, you really have an eye for detail!


Wow! Really awesome and inspiring work!

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Welcome! And an awesome paint job, Id love to see more of these… :slight_smile:

Wow, amazing paint job :love_you_gesture:

these are the best and most elaborately painted chaos dwarfs that I know of.
Wonderful work with the NMM and generally really very ingenious painted.

Will you show us more of them?

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Very well done! Your scheme is striking, and the paint work looks amazing!