Introduction of Bessron


since there have already been two or more introductions here, I’d like to take the time to document my rough steps through life and, above all, my hobby.

First of all, I was born in 1982 ( Höhö Jesko) and my name is actually Alexander. I was born in the south of Germany, did an apprenticeship as a carpenter, then I was in the military and ended up in the ambulance service after going back to school.

(Just to mention: I understand English, can read and understand it, but my vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation is more than poor^^)

I got in touch with the hobby through a friend, to be exact I got infected with roleplaying, LARP, and Warhammer 40k (at that time still in the 2nd edition) through him. Initially with Orcs and later with the Imperial Army, the hobby always vegetated somewhere along the way.

Then in 2005 there was an upswing, when I moved to my wife and a town near Frankfurt am Main, I found access to a group of hard-boiled old men who only and exclusively played Warhammer Fantasy. I was taken in and served as cannon fodder there for a long time.
Since 2005, all the small armies grew and at some point the desire for something out of the ordinary, something that can’t always be found everywhere, and I wanted to collect and play Chaos Dwarfs at some point. In 2017 I joined the Indigogo campaign of Lost Kingdom Miniatures and pre-ordered the biggest part…
And there the poor chaos dwarves lay, until I decided at the beginning of 2021 not to buy anything new for now and to paint the CD.

Then, of course, you want to show off and put the pictures on the internet and then, at some point, someone finds the pictures and invites you to a new kind of forum that is all about chaos dwarfs.

And so I entered this select company of equally crazy, sometimes even crazier, and creative minds. I was warmly welcomed, contrary to my personal idea of how “chaos dwarfs” should be treated, and I draw motivation from the texts and the pictures every day.

Many thanks to a brilliant time


Hah, seems like we have our own proper German geriatric ward here :joy: