Hello, my name is Mari! I’m a very recent convert to Chaos Dwarfs, having read their Ravening Hordes army list from 6e and said army list having really jumped out at me. My current main interest is 6th edition WHFB. I hope we can all get along! :slight_smile:



So have you been already playing 6e with other factions, and are currently playing in a group, or starting out fresh with CDs (and in this case, what have you been playing before/else)?


I’m actually completely fresh to 6e! I was drawn to the edition by what I had heard of the Hordes of Chaos and Beasts of Chaos books, but the Chaos Dwarfs proved really charismatic, so I went to them instead.
I haven’t actually played that much in terms of wargames. Not many of my friends are particularly interested, alas! I keep trying to get my girlfriend into Warhammer, to no avail…

Thank you for the warm welcome!


Welcome! There’s definitely a few of us 6th ed stalwarts here :smile: You can find a bit of discussion on Ravening Hordes list building around but feel free to start new topics on whatever you have questions on!

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Welcome welcome! There is always extra seats at the table!
Here you will find so much material and so many different people, there are those whom challenge themselves to paint more minis than what we got through the year, those who play games at John Blanche house, some Who only paint and some who converts an entire army.
There is a lot, and if you are in luck, you might even be close to some of us!
Welcome again!!


Welcome to the forum!

What about miniatures, do you have something to show us? :grin:


6th ed is one of the better rulesets for WHF, and as far as GW-official editions go, if you ask me, in its entirety even the best one.
Good sign you found it without prior experience even!
As Flagellant said, there is some material here.

Concerning recruiting players, for Warhammer, you need to need to like painting, gaming and the background to at least some extent. The cliche scenario is the the girlfriend likes putting some paint on the cute minis (and even has some talent with it) but has no interest in the nerdy gaming part. I can report of at least one precisely opposite case, where she is nerd enough for sure but has no time for painting.

I assume you are living in a… less saturated area?

I just signed up tonight, but can’t make a new post yet…happy to be amidst more devotees of the Hashut! Getting eager to assemble and paint my old metal big hats. Sold off my Azgorh army a while back, one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done. I plan to throw down Legion of Azgorh whenever I can despite not being a fully supported Legends army for Age of Sigmar, and also as Slaves to Darkness, and Cities of Sigmar too. I never played Fantasy but when the Old World comes out I will give that a whirl too…might need more than 20 Ironsworn and 20 Fireglaives though?


“my old metal big hats” THIS sounds interesing. looking forward to see the minis.


Here’s a picture of my original army, which I FOOLISHLY sold off right before Forgeworld pulled their AoS support and Azgorh was on its way to Legends. I still can’t post new topics, but in case anyone seeing this bought them from me or knows who did, I’d really love to buy back my Iron Daemon and Magma Cannons!


That’s a real beauty. Some great conversions. I know how you feel. I’ve made the mistake in the past getting rid of an army I later wanted back. Time to build a new one!

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