Iron Claw miniatures

So…I haven’t painted a miniature in 15 years. However, I’m getting the bug back and itsa itching!

Looking around now, and how painting has evolved is blowing my mind. Plus giving some of my paints a shake…I’m hearing some ‘sloshing’.

That said I’d need to buy the basics again and liking matt colours, these have caught my eye

As to what to paint hmmmmmmmm

I have a huge amount of 4th/5th ed hobgoblins that would make an awesome and unique army. However, they’re not CDs themselves…could I stay motivated.

I also had a 6th ed style ‘grim-dark’ (a term I’ve learnt recently) army. Some I painted myself, the rest being the old ‘Sjoerdo’ army that I swapped or purchased (can’t remember). At some point I bought some Dogs of War Cursed legion Dwarfs (then cast some of my own ssshhhh don’t tell GW). That would make an awesome unit to add to this.

However, another choice is…back in the day I started to…tried to collect some of the really old ‘Iron Claw Gothic Dwarfs’ which were the funky fore runners to CDs. I’ve had an idea of painting them in a 3rd ed style green and hot pink.

Anyway…anybody else got a collection of Iron Claws or any experience with them? Or any advice or comments generally?

I’d be interest to see/know!

Yours in hobby



Are you referring to these guys:

Not sure why I’ve never seen these guys before but they look pretty awesome… and I can assure you that you’re in good company here, looking at the eBay prices for these guys you’re going to fit right in here :wink: :wink:



There you go. Bob olley chaos dwarfs, cheap too

Hope you paint some up!

Someone on facebook painted them up nicely, i posted a photo somewhere…

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I was having a look at them earlier…a lot of them are quite bland. There’s a lot more to the collection than these. I think there’s 2 or 3 models with a dwarf ona dwarf, and at least 2 standard bearers.

Curiously, I put a couple of the Dwarf with the chest from the ‘green dragon’ box. I wonder if that was a Bob Olley figure meant for this range. I would be nice to see the painted ones, if anybody has a link to those photos. However, I’m thinking as I’ve not painted in 15 years, and wasn’t ‘that’ brilliant anyway…doing them justice might be beyond my skillset right now.


This guy only painted a handful. The models are really detailed in real life


Oh he really chose his colours well! I was also thinking of greens and pinks.

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HOLY $#**************TTTT!!! I had no idea. Time to crack open the wallet :wink:


For what it’s worth, you can take a 50/50 mixture of Matte Medium (Such as Citadel’s Lahmian Medium, Army Painter’s Warpaints Mixing Medium, or I’m sure Vallejo has something too) and water, and add some drops to your old paints and mix them roughly with the back end of a paintbrush and they should come back to life. I think an old citadel pot of mine which was almost solid took about 10 drops, and a couple of minutes of mixing.

Be sure to Check out @Sjoerdo 's brilliant Evil Little Buggers. And I believe much of his old range might be available on Macrocosm, along with @Hotstuff 's Klagg Morhgrieff

What am I looking at here? This is a real blind spot in my miniatures knowledge. Did Bob Olley sculpt the citadel ones and also these, or are these ex-citadel miniatures?


These are by joe mclaren on face book
More bob olley sculpted cds

Im not sure pyroven , i did find out but ive forgotten. I think these were the pre-cursors to chaos dwarves

By rafael david:

Edward stevenson:

@Pyroven …there you go



Hmmmmmmmm I did know the reason for Iron Claw existing…but I’ve forgotten.

I think it’s for a similar reason as Marauder; keep certain personalities apart and a different style/ethos to the range.

All of it were brought back together as it confused the customers. “Are they legal?” “Can I buy them from mail order like citadel?”

Although, these Gothic Dwarfs were thought of as a forerunner to CDs. The first CDs ‘the renegades’ out date them.

Bob, I think was just a different cat. He had a style that was maybe a bit dated, but definitely different. He was has a definite mid 80s style known for Essex, D&D Grenadier. IIRC a lot of his old monsters existed in the Citadel and Ral Partha ranges for years to come.

So some of his miniatures did become ‘citadel’ miniatures. Some of his goblins, black orcs and skeletons. And as I’ve put the dwarf from the green dragon with these guys, I think that was probably an Olley dwarf that was labelled a citadel.

I go way way way back with Hotstuff and Sjoerdo. In the old days of CD forums they were probably the 2 people I was closest to.

I definitely like the first picture’s colour scheme or the ones with the quirky paved bases. I like the pinky purple colour with it.


It’s great to see you come back into the fold again Mr Mouse! Looking forward to see what you cook up.

My old paint had completely dried up, so I’ve had to get new ones. Of all the new brands out there my favourite are the paints by AK Interactive. Perfect thickness out the bottle, very nice coverage and super matte. Their intense pink and magenta are awesome.