Jackswift's Konflict 47 Army

My gaming group decided to get into Konflict 47 this year. Gaming to start in Jun at this point. I have been slowly building a Sci Fi oriented German army that is a cross between WWI, WWII and Sci Fi aesthetics.

The army is 50% converted and all proxy. The core army is a mix of Dust Tactics German units and Raging Heroes Iron Empire units with a few Tannhauser and other models in the mix. The Dust units are all hand, weapon and head swaps primarily using other dust models or Dreamforge games bits. Gas mask bits are grenade ends. Tanks are either 1/56 plastic converted (with Bionicle, card, and random bits) or other slotted in interesting vehicle models including a ball tank for a scout walker.

My current 1K point army looks like this:

I have the following painted last month (1 a test model was already done), with another roughly 22 models WIP:

Aiming to complete the army this month for the campaign. Cheers, JR


I’ve always loved your ability to kitbash and throw together bits from so many different miniatures ranges, and all seamlessly blended together.
It’s a great skill, respect!


Loving that panzer IV. Is it 1:48 scale? There are so many cool resin and/or brass kits or replacement parts for those models, that you must be having a blast. Looking forward to seeing everything painted up.

Have you decided on a paint scheme?

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Thank you. The Panzer IV is a 1/56 Rubicon model. Those kits come with bits to build several different versions of the Panzer IV. I kitbashed it with Bionicle and Styrene armor skirts and Bionicle (Tesla-esque ball joint) bits to represent a Schewere (? or something like that) field generator. In Konflict 47 the tank will be played as a Panzer X, basically a Panzer IV with a gravity field generator weapon. The turret cannon is on of the sci Fi options from the ball tank model.

@Fuggit_Khan Appreciate it. That is definitely one of my favorite parts of model building.


Yeah, they look like the Ork KFFs. That’s cool! Are you planning on using a winterised paint scheme? I’m trying to do that with my Ork tanks

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