Jackswift's Monochrome War [BatG 2023]

BatG 2023 Goals:

  • keep the momentum
  • complete 2-3 units or vehicles per month. Any army, any size valid for a game ruleset, but fully completed

Specific 2023 Tasks:

  • Finish builds and paint German and Japanese pseudo sci Fi forces for Konflict47
  • Paint and finish Epic Ork, Mechanicum, and Chaos Khorne armies
  • Paint 12 currently built CD units for existing KoW force
  • Paint all 6 built units for Greek quasi historical Spartan army for KoW. Build and paint additional units
  • Paint and finish Star Blazers and Superior Models Terran space fleets
  • Get a Gold Veterans model for GH and Artisans contests. I just need to enter in two more
  • Complete build, paint, and lighting on at least 2 large scale models
  • Finish build on the cardboard castle (it needs a name) and start detailing it
  • undoubtedly other models and stuff as keeps or catches my interest

If I complete half of the above, 2023 will be a success. Now to finish the XL GH model so I can get started on this.

Jack o’ the Swift