Khamdrim Sky-Master’s Battle Against the Grey [BATG 2023]

Pure magic, hahaha. I’m taking an executive masters and it’s remote, so I often just paint or sculpt during class (keep the video feed off). That, or I hobby while my wife works, since she pulls longer hours than I do.

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Well, I’m in awe!

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Added another -1 in the form of my finished Magma Cannon

Such a fun build, and I can only regret that it took so long to finish. Hopefully I’ll have the remaining artillery pieces coming your way soon!! Follow the above link for the full photo list and build in my army blog.


Aaand another -1, coming from my first attempt at Non Metallic Metal. After seeing this dude in the Swiftwater Fastness kit, I figured I’d try my hand at painting a lord without touching what I think is a staple of my painting style (Vallejo metallics).

Definitely had a lot more fun than I had feared. He sat there staring at me in his black basecoat for way too long. I have conquered this part of “the grey”


It seems that this month is a good one for my BATG. Adding another -4 for my rendition of the Brazen Bastards (well, 4/5 of them).

Fit them in my acolyte unit (seemed thematic enough).


So… I may be starting a halflings army, haha. My wife’s cousin caught wind of my obsession with metal, plastic, and resin, so he grabbed a huge lot of Grenadier models. After staring at them for a while, and debating if I should turn them into slaves, I just decided to paint them up as they should be.




Posted another -1 from my GH entry in my army thread:

Lost Legions of Karak Vlag [LLoKV] 2022NOV2 - #68 by KhamdrimSkyMaster


Adding another -7 to the BATG, but followed by a +20. The -7 comes in the form of the start of my Death Guard Dead Space killteam:

And the +20, in the form of a few additions to my Emperors’s Children army, that definitely need some adaptive work to make them fit with it:


So…. Net 0, since I printed and painted, BUUUUT, I painted another 9, this time black orks. Really like the EmanG sculpts….


Adding another -15 to the BATG score in the form of my Hobgoblin Spearmen




I’m working on it, man, hahaha, don’t you worry!

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Alright, two posts now, 1 fun and lighthearted, 1 even more “fun.” Starting with the “fun” one, I am finally putting down the list of +’s that I have added, since I completely forgot to put them in a post before, so here it is:

  • 1 “Surprise” that I’m still working on
  • 4 Bastards
  • 7 Tjublings
  • 5 Assassins
  • 3 bikes (vostroyann)
  • 12 dreadfleet
  • 20 Emp Childs
  • 2 winged hussar
  • 1 grokk body
  • 1 blimp

This comes out a “whopping” 56, but to which I need to soon add my new GH entry, as well as this weakness:

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And here’s to the second post: adding another -12 from the grenadier dwarves.


And another -1 (a big one though), coming from the Hellcannon!


Adding another 10 from from printed minis, and another +24+9 from some WGA mordheim models that I got to make a long coveted empire warband (how else am I supposed to expand my dogs of war army?).

To that, in a positive light, adding a -10 for something that I already painted of those printed minis, and hoping to add another -12 from the non terrain dreadfleet minis. Here’s a WIP photo to aid in my motivation:

I’ve been working on some older models to fully finish them out, but haven’t been counting them since they are all at the detail and basing stage.


And another -1 from my skullcracker blimp (full post in the army blog

I loved working on this model, and it took ages (well, years) to finish, but it is finally done.