Khamdrim Sky-Master’s Battle Against the Grey [BATG 2023]

The time has come to again settle down in my pile of shame and try to extricate myself from years of obsessive collecting.

In my case, since my obsession started when I was a teeny weenie lad of 10 collecting 1:72 scale guys, which has only increased post university with my newfound obsession for many things warhammer, I have a considerable amount of stuff to paint. Unfortunately most of it is still hidden in boxes stuffed somewhere in our house in Italy, so it’ll be coming back to me in slow trickles as I can get it sent back by my neighbour. In the meantime, the following loot must get painted:

  • my poor Hellcannon and magma cannon, both of which have woefully not been completed

  • my blimp, still soooooo close, but needs to be finished

  • Silver Tower heroes and denizens (this has been on my list for so long and they just sit there with a crappy base coat…. Taunting me) (Drop 1) + (Drop 2)

  • 10 longbeards + cogsmith + Dwarf Lord (technically supposed to be Belegar Iron-Hammer) that I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with (may paint and sell, or I may Mordheim them up).

  • space marines (unknown quantity) that I am trying to decide what to do with (whether that be lean in fully to the legion of the damned kill teams I made or another set of maybe dark Angels)

  • 5 terminators for my Emperors Children army

  • Chaos lord in terminator armour

  • finishing up my War of the Ring painting project with the Bad Guys and the Good Guys

  • more napoleonic era infantry (French line infantry, plus command, Prussian uhlans, Russian Cossacks, etc etc etc).

  • more republic romans, Gauls, and carthaginians than I know what to do with that DESPERATELY need a makeover (they will probably not be counted since I have technically already painted them, albeit in the way that only a 12-14 year old can)

  • finally finished my Magma cannon

  • 4 Brazen Bastards

  • 11 Grenadier Halflings

  • a 7-man Dead Space inspired Death Guard killteam

  • 9 Black Orks

  • 15 hobgobbo spearmen

  • 12 Grenadier Dwarves

  • my Hellcannon

  • 10 Hobgoblin Cavalry posted on my army blog

  • my Skullcracker blimp

I have a lot to do, and this year showed me just how little time there is in a year. Let the battle commence!!!

Acquired: +112
Painted: -297
Total: -185


So, not a complete build yet, but wanted to show the progress I could, since the Golden Hat took almost all of the time I had. Been working on some hobgoblins using the Lost Kingdom miniature khanate gobbos. So far, I used up the 29 pts I had left from last year’s effort to print 15 spearmen and 14 bowmen.

Since I am a dumb dumb, however, I forgot to put the post where they belong!!!. That mistake was fixed… (due to some good prompting by my warden, @Reaver)


I’m a sucker for the traditional reds and blacks and golds, but honestly the world is your oyster. the worst that could happen is you gotta rinse and repeat right? These guy’s armor look professionally maintained, not ragged at all. Maybe you should do em up like one your napoleonic armies!

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Alright, had to take a break from sculpting for a while, so I decided to return to an old project of painting all of the War of the Ring board game heroes and villains. Since I had already done the Uruk Hai and the orcs, it was time to work on the rest.

The totals add to 8 Nazgûl

6 Mûmakil

6 Cave Trolls

6 Wargs and riders

And a solid 28 Haradrim warriors

And here is the entire enemy portion of the box, including my previously painted minis:

Feels good to get half of the box complete!! (Plus, getting a solid -54 to start the year)


Had another short but productive sculpting session with the bowmen. Finally made their little hats:

Staring at the 15 I made, I realize it’s time for me to print and sculpt their boss/hero, but here are some of my favorite poses and sculpts so far:


Looking really good with the Scythian caps! Is there a specific reason that you use LKM over the GW hobgrot heads? I have the impression that the latter require less work to achieve what you are going for.

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Cheaper and easier to get without feeling like I am committing anathema, and I just like the challenge, basically. I just like being able to work with what I have. I got into the hobby because my dad used to make super customised tanks, and my favorite thing was seeing them pre-paint, with all of the diverse colors from everything he put on there. From plastic, resin, metal, plasticard, and milliput sculpting, seeing his work was what made it all amazing. So, the modification part of the hobby is the part I enjoy the most


Unexpectedly wholesome post :heart:


Even if buying only the GW hobgrot heads through a 3rd party. It would still feel like indirectly supporting bondage crotch rope diaper dandies.


not so wholesome answer

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Because I am a dumb dumb, I forgot that both of my gobbo posts below in my Army blog. Check that one out. And sorry for the doubling of posts. I promise I’ll be better next time, @Reaver (even though I always say that and never change my actions…)

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What a nice post. If you enjoy the process itself, by all means go for it, I’m not here to tell you to do otherwise! I must have become more purpose-oriented over the years as some conversion projects drag on and you start looking for short-cuts everywhere. :joy:

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First drop of the Silver Tower guys.

First drop counts as a -20. More to come, while I finish them. I am more than excited to be finally working on them!


Alright, second drop time for the Silver Tower minis! This time, it’s for:

6 Tzaangors

8 grot scuttlings

8 familiars

And I get to add 4 flame horrors that I forgot to take a photo of independently, but are represented in this snapshot of the second chunk I managed to get done (including some more detail work on the Gaunt Summoner, since I was unsatisfied with some of his colors)

This brings another -26 to the total. Sadly, I was four short (custom cogsmith, the two skaven assassins, and one doggie familiar) that I will see if I can finish by the end of the week, but sadly not in January.


Adding another -14 from the painted hob gobbo archers, buuuut, adding a +2 for the winged hussar and his horse (used that for the 1:72 scale guys as a basis, so I should probably stay consistent).

Here’s a snap of the hobbos. I’ll be putting the actual post in my army blog:


More progress on the War of the Rings box set. Having finished the forces of Mordor and Isengard, it’s high time to start working on the Alliance of men, elves, and dwarves.

It’s around 95 pieces of plastic, so this is taking a while.

So far it’s mainly the base coats on all but the horses. Luckily, assembly line painting is a skill I have perfected with my 1:72 armies, haha.

Hoping to add this as a solid -95 for the month of April.


After what has felt like ages, I have finally managed to complete a project. And a pretty massive one at that. BEHOLD!! Another -95 coming from the allies of the War of the Ring. This project started back when I convinced my brother that it would be awesome if I painted these. Then moved out for college, and forgot about the box set, until my parents randomly brought it one Christmas Eve.

There are more good guy factions than bad guy ones, so I’ll break them out by faction vice unit type.





Men of the North:

I am incredibly excited to break open the box next time my brother is in town to play a full game with the painted minis, having finally lived up to my word.


Adding another quick -4 from the two skaven, the one gryphon familiar, and my custom cog smith from the Silver Tower (had these at the 95% complete stage since February, but just hadn’t gotten around to them).

This is a very early -211…… going to have to start adding up the sprues and bits that I got from @chitzkoi and @reaver


Excellent work keep it up!!

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After totalling the printed minis, with the received ones, I have to add +12 to the mix for now, in the form of some assassins, a 40k character, a blimp, a stumpy, and 5 printed bastards. Likely more to come, haha

Edit: forgot the three League of Votann bikes…… so +15

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Uh… wow.

How do you find the time?!

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