[KoW] 15mm Kings of War - "Plunder"

Kings of War - “Plunder” 1500pts, Abyssal Dwarfs vs Dwarfs

This was a continuation form our previous Vanguard - “Recover the Plans” skirmish which the Abyssal Dwarfs won, giving them the opportunity to reply 3 units after the Dwarfs deployed their entire battle line.

Given the heroic actions of our patrol a few days ago we managed to get word of an forthcoming attack by a coalition of Free and Imperial Dwarfs to “reclaim” the lads they lost after the Edge of the Abyss Campaign. An army of Free Dwarfs deployed by Imperial ships had set up a beachhead on the coast of the High Sea of Bari, and after quickly taking out a small coastal garrison they marched for the newly established town of Zar’Kraz in the Halpi Mountains.
High Priest Zhurthar wasted no time and mustered our forces as soon as he got the word. Our sorcerers even managed to summon a few of the mighty Kdaiis before the southern bastars fell open our defenses.

Our forces included some of our Hobgoblin allies who had to make their best effort to fill out our thin battle line.

The Free Dwarfs barley made an effort to take position before pounding our forces, their huge mortar took out our artillery in an opening barrage and their huge Steel Behemoth clouded our vision the eastern flank with its thick smoke as it made its advance.

High Priest Zhurthar raised his flaming hands to the sky and summoned forth a storm of glowing hail and smoke on the position of the Dwarves war machine. But despite his best effort it kept pounding our Berzerkers with several direct hits.

Only our furious Mutated Mastiffs managed to engage the enemy and made quick work of their inferior breed.

To the east of the Great Ziggurath the Dwarfs sent forth their creations of stone and earth backed up by a Stonepriest. Might it be the weakling we only know as Freddy who have fled the battle on several occasions? Ours Berzerkers went up to face the Steel Behemoth despite being severely wounded by the enemy artillery.

In the middle of our lines the Decimators and Dragonfire Team unleashed volly after volly into the Dwarf Clansmen.

The brave Kark’har Dwarfslayer charged the enemy lines despite taking damage from both the Steel Behemoths guns and the Dwarfen musketeers. Moments after the Dwarven charge crashed into our defenses along the whole front.

For some time both sides swung back and forth as a mess of beards, blood and axes made it impossible the predict and outcome. Our well bred dogs turned to sway the tide and flanked one of the units of Dwarf Clansmen. Which finally broke being engaged in both front and flank for several turns.

To the right flank both our weak Hobgoblin allies and the brave Berzerkers finally broke, just as the dwarf Stone Elementals rounded the Great Ziggurath.

With one of the units of Dwarf Clansmen broken our Kdaii were free to engage the other in the flank. Which in turn made the Dwarfs to scatter in panic. Only left were their Stone Elementals and the Steel Behemoth. Our Kdaii proved thougher and managed to break the magic holding them together and they were reduced to piles of rubble.

It was a costly victory, but a victory none the less. With the forces of Zar’Kraz depleted in the defense, word was sent to the north about the battle. And an urge to send armies south and defend our newly conquered lands!

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