[KoW] 15mm Vanguard Campaign - War of the Sorrows pt. 2

We finally got to kick of our Ice & Iron campaign for Vanguard. Its set in the Sorrows between the battered remnants of Imperial Dwarfs under the rule of King Golloch and an Abyssal Dwarf outpost. The prelude of the campaign can be found here [KoW] 15mm Kings of War - War of the Sorrows pt. 1

Following the huge battle on in the first part, the Abyssal Dwarfs sent out scouting parties in the Sorrows to locate the remains of the Imperial Dwarfs. Trying to decide their numbers and if they were about to mount a bigger invasion towards Tragazahk. Since both sides more or less depleted their combat abilities the following clashes are set between battered desperate forces high in the desolate terrain with low supplies.
Here are our entire Campaign forces of 300 gc, which we use to draw or skirmish forces from.

We decided to use all the rules from Ice & Iron regarding food, weather etc. And made the following modifications to the Post Engagement Sequence:

  • Advancing in Rank (page 142), roll 1D8
    1-4 Gain a Core Stat Upgrade
    5-8 Gain a new Special Rule

  • Resupply (page 149), roll 1D8 to see what “Rare or Unique” item is available.
    1- 5 Rare item
    6-8 Unique item

Our first clash was a Breakthrough Mission (page 24 Ice & Iron) between two forces, non familiar with the hostile environment. For this battle we used 100 gc forces from the Campaign Warbands.

The map consists of a long diagonal area, the two corners are blocked of by hostile fauna. You better not stray from the path…

The objective for both forces is the get of the other table edge as soon as possible. The longer it goes the less VP is scored by each trooper.

An Imperial Dwarf scout had already taken position among the trees and fired a hail of bolts against our advancing troops. Reacting by instinct the slaves were sent forward to take him out…

The ratmen slaves were very disappointing, though quick and agile the lacked both the durability and punch in combat that our trustworthy greenskined slaves have. Ours Black Souls had no other option than to expose themselves and take care of the threat before our beloved leader was put in harms way.

The Imperial Dwarves proved alot tougher than expected and the combat was soon joined by all both war bands could muster. The bearded half naked Imperial Dwarf leader(?!) was fearsome in combat, screaming both orders and profanities at his own troops.
The morale of the Imperial Dwarfs proved alot higher than expected and they simply wouldn’t break like the weaker Free Dwarfs of the Halpi Mountains had done. Even though being mortal wounded they kept fighting, and it took its tool on our Black Souls which started to hesitate. Maybe we should have brought the Infernox to handle these scum…

Our Black Souls fell one by one and within minutes Vorh’gar the Cruel was the only hatted dwarf standing, with deep cuts across his armour. Even though he considered himself being the mightiest warrior east of the Abyss, it was no use dying here today… Vorh’gar spent his last power making a fighting withdrawal, until he could vanish back to the camp of the rest of the war band. Every scouting force would have to be equipped with some heavy firepower to take out that half naked beast of a Dwarf.

Before the end of the battle two Imperial Dwarves managed to break through our lines, while no Abyssal Dwarf forces remained… And the campaign started with a minor loss for the Abyssal Dwarfs.


Very enjoyable read, would love to play through a campaign like this one day :clap:t2:

A shame it ended like that, from an Abyssal point of view anyway :grin:, but I’m sure we’ll take the next one Tjub!

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Very nice write up. Great that you could get in a game in this environment. May the Abyssal Dwarves triumph in the next round an wreak vengance upon their foes!

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Thanks, jupp lets hope so. There were some pretty crazy dice roll involved in this game. :stuck_out_tongue: But to be honest the Abyssal Dwarfs won pretty much every game in our last campaign so its only fair.

Oh, just find a good gaming partner you can trust to follow through. My regular 15mm opponent is my old flatmate, we pretty much used to always have an ongoing campaign in our living room for several years. Our approach these days is to play when we feel like it, sometimes 2-3 games a month and sometimes no game for a few months when we are busy. But the campaign is always “on” with no pressure. :slight_smile:

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After the initial clashes both sides pull back to camp for regrouping. The following days our scouts reports of a clan of local tribesmen they located among the mountains. Initially no effort is taken gathering these up for the slavecamps, as our main priority is to locate the remaining Imperial Dwarfs. That is until the tribesmen, under interrogation, reveal tales of hidden cave systems and ancient tunnels under the mountains. Embarrassingly the captive didn’t survive long enough to reveal the exact location of the tunnels, but among his screams he mentioned a sacred place with stone tablets revealing details of the caves…
This will have to be investigated as soon as possible, even though the weather seems to be turning to the worse with a heavy fog.

Our second mission for the campaign is “Snowblind” p17 of Ice & Iron. Both forces are lost on the mountains in bad weather and stumble into each other while looking for the Stone Tablets. The first two rounds start with severely reduced Line OF Sight, slowly getting better.

Both Warbands choose their forces of 150 gc from the Campaign Forces.

The setup for the battles proves challenging with intermingled forces and reduced LOS. At the end of Turn 2 we randomly reveal the exact location of the Stone Tablets.

Our forces to the south provided the hammer while the northern force would have to act as an anvil. Both of the Imperial Dwarf forces are rather offensive with one lead by a Berzerkers Lord and the other containing a Stone Golem. Our battleplan is to quickly strike and avoiding getting caught between both forces.

Being the Commander of the Dwarves our Hammer quickly fell on the western force of Imperial Dwarfs containing the Berzerkers Lord. While the Imperial Dwarf unwisely split the force going after both ours.

Heavy combat ensued but for now it seems like our Anvil will hold, our Hammer struck hard against the Berzerkers Lord and quickly took out his support. But even though being cut down several times the Berzerkers just wouldn’t give up, retaliating in a frenzy of blood, axe and beard. And he managed to hold out long enough for the Stone Golem to catch up with our Hammer. The Berzerkers had bought the time needed for the Imperial Dwarfs and our Hammer was stuck.
At the same time shouts came from the northern clash that the Stone Tablets had been located there…

Our Anvil had to go on the offensive, trying to avoid the Dwarven reinforcements from the east and shifting the remaining Dwarves battling for the Stone Tablets. Combined efforts by our Black Soul infantry and Barzh the Immortal blasting the Dwarves with several heavy Fire Balls turned the battle into our favor…
Support was needed to the north parts of our Hammer redirected to support the battle there. Leaving our brave Commander Azorth and a Black Soul battling the Stone Golem for time.

Realizing that the Dwarven forces could not hold against the Abyssal Dwarfs they seized the last window of opportunity to grab the Stone Tablets and run. Despite beeing blasted by both our Decimator and Barzh the Dwarf ran, though badly wounded and in panic he held on to the Tablets.

With both forces taking the heavy casualties it was worst for the Imperial Dwarfs, our slaves and infantry could easily be replaced, and the Dwarven moral were broken. By now it was just a matter of time fore the last Dwarves would run…
Beeing Stubborn the Dwarf carrying the Tablets hesitated, at last chance, to leave his beaten comrades behind and was set ablaze by Barzh.

As the heavy fog came rolling back again a cry of pain rang out from the south as Azorth fell to the Stone Golems heavy blows…

Barzh almost reached the Tablets before visibility was reduced to zero again, and the battle was over… and ended in a Draw.

The battle proved to strike a heavy blow on our forces which resulted in both the death of Azorth, who fell the very last that happened during the battle, and our Decimator. The Imperial Dwarfs managed to survive rather unscratched, this proves to be a harder adventure than expected as the beeings of the Abyss looks the other way…

Despite the Stone Table were lost Barzh the Immortal located an old shrine of arcane power while navigating back to our camp and brought back relics and new knowledge gaining the status of Arcanist.
Our force will have to spend a few days at camp while a new command structure is set up, rivaling Barzh and Khram our Immortal Guard.

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