[KoW] 15mm Vanguard - "the Dragon's Egg"

200pts Kings of War - Vanguard, Abyssal Dwarfs vs Dwarfs

Hade two great games of 15mm KoW Vanguard yesterday, the first was ”the Dragon Egg”. Where some Dwarf rangers were about to rob the nest of a dragon, but were intercepted by Chaos Dwarfs which had other plans…
Epic moments were when the mother dragon came down to roast one of the rangers and the oh so brave Dwarf Captain on a boar tried to ride down the K’daii.
Once the battlefield was secure and the last Dwarfs had fled the Chaos Dwarfs sent the remaining flee bitten slave orc to capture the egg… The dragon will be raised to Hashuts honour! Takes Hat off

Deployment, with the ranger about the get the egg.

The Chaos Dwarves running as fast as they can trying to intercept…

…which was solved by the mother dragon her self luckily, badly hurting one of the Rangers.

Freddy the Dwarf wizard fire of some magic while the other Dwarfs brace for impact.

Mayhem breaks out as the Dwarfs are eager for battle and counter charges!

Meanwhile Sir Ulf the Boartamer tries to ride down the K’daii by himself, which despite Sir Ulf being a capable dwarf with a mighty axe didn’t end well for him…

The two Rangers are struggling with the egg, which now seems to be a race against time with the Chaos Dwarfs quickly decimating their forces!

When one of the Rangers flee the battle the remaining wounded one are quickly stricken down by the surviving flea-bitten slave orc. Which is ordered to secure the dragons egg with the Chaos Dwarfs surveilling on a safe distance should the mother return… Takes Hat off