Lammasu/Lamassu conversion ideas?

So I’m wracking my brain trying to think of good conversions/builds for a Lammasu/Lamassu out of current in-production GW miniatures and would like to get the forum’s opinions on the “best” or even “least worst” options - from a price vs effort perspective.

I’ve seen a few Lammasu built out of the current Chaos Manticore kit: most use the Raging Heroes Shedu head and one uses the old Lammasu head - is there another good head option using current GW parts? Or a reliable way to sculpt around an existing GW head? (I tried a Defiler mask; it’s too small).

I’ve also seen one built from the Stonehorn/Thundertusk kit with Tyranid wings and a sculpted face - and a couple built from Balrogs with faces sculpted over an Aleguzzler/Mancrusher head. Does anyone have a good guide for these?

@Tyranno ’s Tauralon kitbash from a Tauralon + Magnus’ head with chaos chariot horns is obviously awesome, but that parts list is very intimidating.

What do people of the Celennar + Mind Sphiranx conversion by Henrik Gunillasson from White Dwarf 466? Would it work as a Lammasu? Or does anyone have more pictures of it?

That last one using the Sphiranx looks really good.

Overall for a Lamassu, the question is what look are you going for? If you’re not too fussy, I would say something cheaper like the Sphiranx with a set of wings is probably better.

But if you’re dead-set on something more resembling the traditional bull-birds wings-man face look, then things get a bit more pricey.

One option I have seen is the GW Manticore, with a resin face (I can’t remember the company though, but they made Lamassu faces to attach to such models).

My idea for the lammasu was using this model. If lucky with a lammasu head. It isnt in production but its relatively cheap on ebay. The wings tail body size must be close. The head is the only thing which comes off easily. My problem is finding a helm dwarf to sit on it…ive tried a few. Needs wide legs and small feet. I was also thinking of just using it as is. It has similar stats to taurus. Could probably proxy for both?

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This one?


I think converted Lamassus and new sculpts are fantastic.

But if anyone wants to add a classic one to their collection, I can help.

It’s so small compared to modern monsters. I quite like it for that.