LIII - A Legion’s Pursuit of Perfection

After a long time of waiting in the Warp, yet another flawless host of the Third Legion has emerged, hacking, slaying, pillaging, and just generally being a nuisance in the Empire of Man.

While the army is, admittedly, not really finished by any means on account of the paint job, I got convinced by many a people on the discord to throw my army photos here. I hope this will act as a push for me to get my army closer to completion much as the BATG has pushed me to kill the legions of grey.

The army composition is as follows:

10 Khakophoni

10 Noise Marines

1 Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor and 10 Terminators

1 Chaos Sorceror with 2 Master of Execution proxies

1 Daemon Prince

15 Cultists of Slaanesh

1 Predator Tank

1 Sonic Rhino

1 Sonic Dreadnought

1 Renegade Knight

3 Obliterators

3 Chaos Bikes

2 3-man teams of Havocs

5 Raptors

Too many unfinished Daemonettes

This will be where I finally dump the work that I put in these guys in the hopes of getting me to finally finish them.


Absolutely gorgeous army mate. I love that there’s lots of holdouts from the Heresy.

The forge world kakophoni are always great to see. There’s something they really nailed about their particular way in which they’re effed-up compared to the normal chaos space Marines for example. Kind of understated but still horrifying.

The sorcerer and the masters of executions are real highlights too.

Looking forward to seeing more. Slaanesh demands it!

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Thanks man, hoping to add some bikers and more terminators, at a minimum. And maybe a converted Fulgrim daemon

I love the rhino

Those obliterators are Centurions right? I like them better for that job too, to use for my Iron Warriors, havent got any yet tho

What’s the Daemon Prince made of?

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I’ll take an order of 8 more sonic dreads please.

Thank you!
(I already thanked you so now you have to do it)


Correct! They were a lot of fun to convert. I really like the mix of the 30k and 40k aesthetic (I think it works for war bands that survived the warp and therefore have different levels of visible corruption). The daemon prince is from war game exclusive!

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I really want to, except they are really hard to find (summoning @chitzkoi for his spelunking ability)

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Only if you’re lookin in a pothole for custom dread ideas.

or run


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