List help, 2000pts WAP (current 9th)


A friend and I recently started playing WAP on TTS. We play semi competitive, as he is somewhat(+10 years) more experienced in wargaming than me. We had some games, until last time he came up with a nasty vampire counts list he took from another source. Not exactly netlisting, but close enough.(Walach harkon, some more blood knights/black knights, and some 100s of chaff zombies and skellies)

Now I want to try the charfs. Idk if they are good for semi hardcore playing, but I like their style and their contempt. I tried WoC, but they lack shooting mostly, which is troublesome. Then i looked and found this lovely page.

If someone had an idea or critique, here is what I came up with. The idea is to have shooting, lots of it, while keeping it sturdy. and make him cry. I hope the charfs are the way to go :wink:
Of course this is supposed to be somewhat of an allcomers list, since he’s a crafty opponent and certainly won’t make it easy and tell me what he comes up with next. Maybe 500 zombies, possible.

Daemon Smith lvl 2, Hashut. There to cast ash storm mostly.

Daemon Smith lvl1, fire. Fl. Sword of rhuin.

Despot, bsb. Probably Banner of slavery.

15-18 immortals. They are stubborn already. I would add banner of valour(immune to panic) I guess the banner isn’t necessary, but unsure here. perhaps magic resistance would be more useful? That’s my character bunker and counter charge(?!).

2x Hobgobbos with bows, 20, banner musician
2x 45ish gobbo slaves with bows.

More special choices:
3xdeathshrieker. They look like a must have.

2x 2-3 spear chukkas. Uncertain if those are as good as they look, but they are cheap.

Rare: 1 dreadquake mortar with slave ogre.

That leaves me with around 250ish points. Ideas welcome. I had considered the sorc-prophet on a lammasu to counter any big beatsticks. But unsure if 400+ points is worth taking it, and if it would really do any good against the still superior vampire lords. So I thought I wouldn’t compete there and keep it cheaper. Wolf raiders look cool, until ld6 kicks in…

Thanks in advance.


Cheers mate, welcome to CDO!

So let’s see, first a disclaimer: I have no experience with the WAP 9th rule system and the CD army list! But from what I know, it’s not that different from 8th edition, so I’ll just weigh in here anyway :slight_smile: (so all things to be taken with a grain of salt as they might be not correct in WAP 9th)

  1. At 2000pts, you should have a Lord level hero as your general. Probably makes most sense to “upgrade” either the lvl2 or the lvl1 Daemonsmith to a Sorcerer-Prophet. Putting him on a flying monster is often times are sure way of getting him killed fast, though, as he then has a giant crosshair on his back.
  2. Anti-Magic is most important gainst Vampire Counts, at least get a dispel scroll.
  3. Your core is all chaff. I’m not sure that’s the best strategy against VC, trying to match them on their “home turf”. It will be your chaff against his chaff, but he can replenish his losses (re: anti-magic is key), you cannot. Maybe consider a unit of Blunderbusses.
  4. Consider the Magma Cannon, flame template is awesome against large infantry blocks.
  5. Take a look at the K’Daai Destroyer, that thing will just plow through his chaff like they’re made out of paper.
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Ty for the quick reply!

2: that’s a good point. I will probably reduce the chaff to 1:1, to still have some potential threat. I think 90-130 dice buffed with rerolls and stuff is still reasonably fearsome. Maybe drop the banner of slavery altogether.

I’ll make sure to include more anti magic, I didn’t implement that yet, and sure, I have to block those resurrection spells as much as possible.

The destroyer looks great, I will consider it. Should be a strong and pricey threat, but capable.

Should I care for wolves, there seems to be no soft backline threat, or use the cheaper sneaky gits instead to stand in the way?

I’m uncertain about the route: warriors seem good for their extra artillery, tho the dwarves themselves more or less can just stand around. But blunderbusses may be potent too(it’s now 3 shots move and shoot no penalties, so like 30 S3 shots.) 160 points blunders full command, while the 45 gobbos have 2 shots each when they don’t move, and cost 144p, but gobbos.

Thanks for the input!

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About the wolves, so do Vampires have this skull catapult like they used to? That might be a target for the wolves. But even if not, their most important function would be redirecting. I don’t know how charge moves etc work in WAP 9th, but if they work similar to Warhammer 8th, redirecting can be game-deciding. This function can also (maybe even better) be fulfilled by a lone Khan on Giant Wolf.

So Blunderbusses traditionally have their problems with high toughness and/or good armour saves. Luckily the undead chaff has neither, so that’s where they really shine. Especially when you augment them with magic (metal and fire have augment spells which both work nicely)

Yes, I am strongly considering a wolf Khan with the black gem of gnar. It lets the bearer and one model in base not fight. I might charge his deathstar and block it effectively for one turn, for 77 points. If I make the terror test…

I’m uncertain about the core. Devastators look great, ngl. But slaves just get many many dice. Ive been thinking about a great block of slaves, steadfast, bsb Banner of slavery, general ld 10. Not certain, the normal dwarf infantry seems mediocre, everything has 1 attack and low I anyway. Since we play tts I can easily just go with 100 gobbos or whatever.

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