List of alternative models?

Hey guys,

Im new here so sorry if this is frequently asked- is there a list of companies that make alternative minis for chaos dwarves?


Titan wargames
Ral partha
Mom miniatures
Russian alternative
Admiralty miniatures
Four a miniatures
Cp models
Old school miniatures

Good starting point anyway

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This is a good place to start (and welcome, by the way):


Perfect, cheers guys!

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Should say that the link there is a Wiki-post, so its free to all members to edit and update. :slight_smile:

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Shameless plug for my guide here:

It’s probably time for a 2021 edition


Indeed, there are alot listed above to be added with the addition, I think, of @Fabelzel 's models, although they are 3d files perhaps a section on those types given how popular 3d printing has become, a complete guide would also be an awesome accompaniment to one of the Brazen Bulletins like for example… Back in the day sometimes when you used to go to the newsagent for an issue issue of something, they would give you a calendar or an extra lil mag or something with the magazine you were purchasing.

ahh the good old days, the smell of the freshly printed magz all lined up next to the newspapers and the trading cards with bubble gum at the counter, the anticipation of a new edition dropping

Thats 2 trips down memory lane you have sent me on today @IronHaiden :beer:

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