Little Typhus

This is my little Typhus. One of a force of chaos dwarfs vintage and chaos goblins that im Collecting. Thanks and regards.Uploading: 20201123_190757.jpg…


You need to make a Little Ahriman, Little Lucius and Little Kharn next. :wink:


That would be amazing :grin:

Amazing work @AnuelSanz

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I also forgot a Little Abaddon. :wink:

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growing older, i’m starting to appreciate those 3rd ed CDs…pls myself, dont fall for it this time aswell xD

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How did you make this guy? He looks great!

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It’s from the Ewal Clam range. I print it in black, they say gray is better, but I like it that way. I painted it in dark green, which I was mixing with more and more pale meat.

Haha, lovely! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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One of the sculpts I’m most proud of :slight_smile:

great paintjob!


Wow, I didn’t know that the sculpture was yours, great, it’s beautiful, I loved painting it thanks.

And now you have eight more to paint, can’t wait for the results! Cheers mate.

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hahaha, I paint very slowly, more or less one per week, I don’t have more time​:sob::sob::sob:

You did that? Damn son! Woah

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