Loidrial drawings gallery

I dont draw really often, but i thought it could be a good call to leave my work all in 1 place, as I noticed, my own main post it’s a fucking soup with way too many ingredients, so i’ll try to sort it out here (similar to you guys with batg? :batg5: )

Here in the #1 post i’ll duplicate all the Chaos Dwarfs related pictures of what i’ll post below, so someone might track them easily (as if someone randomly would walk in here searching for pics lol)

In the #2 post there will be eventually all the offtopic drawing side of this thread.

So here it is:


Other Gods Project
The idea was to use the same base from develop the different styles.
I hate slaanesh, tried twice and hate both, i wont go back at it

:rankcd2::rankcd3: SKETCHES :rankcd1::rankcd3:

Preliminary work/WIP


Here the offtopic drawings:

Me, Jojo version due to a joke with my group of friends (apparently many people when I say my name at the telephone, instead of Edoardo thy hear Giorgio (shit, no idea why) so from Giorgio to Jojo it’s a matter of muscles it seems

Being into anime, it came to my mind something that I havent seen around yet, 2 years ago I realised how in Fullmetal Alchemist (as antagonists) and 7 Deadly Sins (as protagonists) there are the 7 Deadly Sins as characters, so i decided to mesh them together

then i tried something else with those “original” characters


Holy heap , you are incredibly talented

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Really nice work on these. One of these days, I hope to learn to colorize artwork like this.

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@Bessron eeeee talented my ass xD this is some casual stuff, never committed really to the cause, just in for some fun

@Jackswift depends which one you mean, if you see for example the more “anime” one, with just 1 shadow, it’s really simple, main colour as base, then on another layer I just make a tan shadow, and play with the blendinga, usually MULTIPLY is the settings I want for shadows, as it multiplies the 2 colours, same as when we paint minis.
Let’s say multiply is the same as applying washes xD

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Bro, how can you resist drawing more often when you have skills like this? Seriously, you could make official covers and banners for Lost Kingdoms/RA/9th Age/whoever else produces some form of evil dwarves.


Gotta say, I was contacted by t9a guys for this matter xD
I registered to the forum, answer them, gave all the info they asked, then poof. Disappeared xD i was so hyped, left with a handful of dust haahahsh


Here’s to hoping this thread will get your work the attention it deserves, whether from them or anyone else. Seriously, in that first post in particular, I’m wondering how you haven’t published some of this somewhere, as clip art at the very least. I hope to see more. :smiley:


Very nice to see an art log from you, @Loidrial !

I love your CD art and designs! Great stuff. Your incorporation of historical Assyrian designs into fantasy is perfect. Lovely colours and proportions as well. If you doodle more, then I will pester you with requests to use art of yours as illustrations for heaps of Chaos Dwarf stories from various CDO members. So you should definitely doodle more, Eddy - I mean Jojo. :smiley:

People will randomly stumble across this thread in search of images: That’s what Google pictures are all about.

Do you have a Deviantart gallery as well? Remember: If you are not seen, you don’t exist.

I know well travails with T9A art team. Before burnout, I asked hundreds of artists on Deviantart for them, and acted Ratatosk as middleman courier for dozens who replied with interest. Yet the art team happened to lack a head at the time, and my contact was way too busy with real life for a long period as well. This is understandable, since it’s a volunteer project run by enthusiasts who tend to overwork. Yet the net result was banging my head into a wall, after a titanic artist hunt.

I hope you poke them again about it. Please remember that you are worthy! Maybe this time you will break through, and get lots of fun making art.

Kind regards


Also, if nothing else works, make your own gorka morka styled game about chaos dwarf warbands battling it out for dominion of the ashen wastes!


Love your stuff man, your Dwarves have an instantly recognisable style :fire:


man this is wholesome. i think it’s the 1st time someone gave me such feedback, thanks for real.
no i dont have a deviantart page, i upload the few drawings i make on my instagram account where i collect all my “art things”
those are just doodles, not good enough for anything serious, i dont have the skill simply because i havent focused on this that much, as i always say, i’m the embodiment of the jack of all trades and master of none xD

@KingKobra gotta say, i know gorkamorka only by name, no clue what’s about XD i know it was some 40k stuff based on orks, that it ahuhauhuahua
@Dedled yeah, my style recognisable…look who’s talking! thanks


I’d like to add 2 quick sketches I made recently
The 1st is for the “other gods” project CDs, experimenting with squats, having no clue at all about what do they are if not just imperial 40k dwarfs
The other is a mock up of the logo of the hobgoblin beer, made into our hobbo version!
Both will see the light at some point, for now just sketched out