Looking for more!

Im starting my new CD and im looking for some inspiration. I saw this picture on the web and found it amazing how they look. Any of you know who the artist is ? are there any more photos of this army ?
i like the clean and elegant look that this color scheem proposes. Something evil,metodic and cunning with no mercy is reflecting as an end result. I Always think of the CD having still this special care for theyr war machines and armours even if they live in the utter darkness.
To an end resul i want to acheeve simething similar. My best compliments tho the painter of this army.


I’m excited to see you emulate it! It’s definitely a good colour scheme

Have you tried google reverse image search? That would be my first thing to try.

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That’s Gordon Howell. Mostly active on the Dawi Zharr facebook page. He also modeled these, believe it or not. All the 3D models of MeshyMesh・Cults


thx for your help. Hail to Gordon… really really amazing work !
was looking for the name in the forum but did not find him.

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