Looking to remove paint

I’m trying to “de-paint” my minis but the results have not been conclusive so far. I’m using detergent and then scraping the paint with a toothbrush, but i’m worried I might damage the minis since I have never done this before.

Any advice? Have you had to do this?


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It depends if you are working with plastics or metals. Metals can stand up to some pretty harsh strippers that do not nice things to plastics. I ended up using castrol super clean degreaser and just soaked it for a while…like weeks once I got around to it. The paint easily flaked off. So did the glues. And the green stuff putty. Basically everything came off it except some weird green paint on a few of the figs.

I’m sure others will have their own favorite stripping juice. It’s important to know if it’s plastics safe though.


I use dettol and firm toothbrush and scalpel for hooking out last remnants. Works pretty well on metals. Decent on plastics that were undercoated by brushing. A little more of a challenge for black spray on undercoat.
For resin ive never tried, its so delicate id wreck it…


Green soap is commonly held to be a plastic friendly paint remover in combination with a toothbrush. At least in Sweden.

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Thanks everyone. :+1:

Biostrip- metal resin or plastic

Takes very little time and works every time

I swear by it now


Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper 500ml, Paint Remover. Water Based Solution to effortlessly Remove Paint and Varnish from Wood, Brick, Concrete, Metal, uPVC, Glass and More https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00B4WK17K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_vK9OFbF0HJZC6


Where are you located? In the US, you can get “LA’s totally awesome” at the dollar store, that stuff is magic and gets paint off without attacking the plastic/resin. (as others said, metal is very forgiving, just throw it into pure acetone for a couple of seconds and you’re good). Whenever I am there, a bottle or two make it back to Germany.
For the stripping itself I use an ultrasonic cleaner, like it is also used to clean jewellery and stuff like that. You can get one for around 30 bucks on Amazon. Also great for cleaning resin minis before glueing/priming.


Acetone … Couple of seconds… Oooops.

I better go get the BB’s I put in a jar to strip … BEFORE the last Artisans


Acetone is perfect for lead - even better than biostrip.

It will murderise any plastics tho


Simple Green and an old toothbrush are my go-to strippers. Just soak your metal minis for a full day and the old paint just starts coming loose. Have not tried it with plastics, so I’d be careful and experiment on a disposable model first.

Acetone seems to be quite popular.

Duly noted.


Is it good for plastic too?

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Biostrip will remove paint from metal, plastic and resin. It will remove dodgy websites from your search history. It removed all the guilt from my Catholic conscience.

I cannot rate the product enough.

Ladies and gents: the only woman you’ll ever need love


Got it!