Lord of Chaos is pleased, Hello

Hoping all the wisdom and pointy stick poking will force me into finishing my all metal original BIG hat army from the 90’s. I finally settled on the traditional reds and blacks until an evil friend started whispering the lure of Slaanesh into my dreams. I really loved the look of the army but it felt wrong and has STUCK me for the last 17 years. I have been pulled from the ash’s, or is it back INTO the ash’s? I’m feeling much better now. I hope this goes to the right place, I am still using my old Commadore 64 computer to interface with this fancy Google box. May the Great One preserve you.


OK, I get it. My massive Chaos army of the past may have brought ruin and despair to your tiny world of the old word. But this is to protect our Zharr Nagrund itself. Please submit to my banner before it is to late. I have huge amounts of evidence against the powers of CHAOS. YOU must come to me. SUBMIT to my banner


I can’t tell whether this is a joke, but if it’s not I’d love to hear more

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Old tech stuff? Potential for archiving? Pyro is hooked! Haha :slight_smile:


Excellent, It seems my ever expanding master plan from Tzeentch has reeled in my new TECH guy?

Please forgive me for not finishing my proper introductions. I got into D&D around 1974 or 75 when it came out. It got me hooked for bigger things.
I was serving in the Air Force in 1983/1984 when our gaming group stumbled onto Warhammer. An English bloke was on base for training at the time and brought his book to the weekly games. The rest is history. I immediately sold my allegiance to the Dark Gods. 40 years later I have amassed a 30 thousand point Chaos army.
I have a bad family curse of being a hoarder so I still have everything I’ve ever accumulated. So when I go ‘MINING’ for stuff I’m still amazed the things I find. I’ve got old world armies from most of the races except for maybe 2 or 4.
Bought 80 percent of my CD army back when it came out in 93 ish??? Painted some, mostly Hero’s [ really badly ] back then but could never finish them.
Until now, This sight has rekindled my passion the short Evil ones.
In a platonic way of course. It amazes me how helpful and nice everyone is on here. This is a great group of people. It really blows me away that there are posts from all over the world. And you all speak better English than I. Of course I am part hill jack/ part hill Billy. I can provide a red neck translation if you need it.
I will hammer out some photos of my army progress if I may.
I just have to download some pictures from my Polaroid camara.
SO, Hello all.
Pyroven , have I got a tech story for you.