Matt Birdoff's 'Doompa Loompas' Chaos Dwarf Army

Going through an old hard drive I found an article, RH army list, and pictures saved circa 2008. Looks like the article may now be buried in a geocities archive, so here it is for posterity .


The Second Grand Invasion
Name: Matt Birdoff
Army: Chaos Dwarfs

“All Chaos, all the time,” is how this New York City resident describes his approach to Warhammer and Warhammer 40K army design. The 2002 Philadelphia Grand Tournament is Matt’s third competition in his 6 years of Games Workshop fanaticism. He won 40K Best Overall just a few months ago at the Baltimore GT, so he thought he would try his luck with his original Grand Tournament army, the Doompa Loompas Chaos Dwarfs.

The Doompa Loompas have changed dramatically since their last appearance. Matt completely repainted and rebuilt the army after his experience at his first GT. A big fan of the horde army, Matt’s new version of the Doompa Loompas has twice as many models as the original he fielded. With so many models, this army looks fantastic and was one of the first to turn my head.

Matt knows his tactics too. Not only did he win 40K Best Overall in Baltimore, but he placed second as Best Tactician at this GT. His advice for Warhammer? “The more units the better. Always flee when charged. Why not? You’ve got tons of units, and with Leadership 10, they’ll rally. The charging unit is now in a bad position and is set up for your counter-charge.”

“It’s the hats,” responded Matt when asked why he selected the Chaos Dwarfs army. “I used to think they were busted, but with the escalation in the new army books, they fit in quite nicely.” What about another horde army…like Goblins? “No, I don’t think so. One horde army is enough. I only hobby about 5 hours/week at this point in time.” Well, whatever Matt brings to the next Grand Tournament, I’m sure it will look amazing and will be fielded with equal skill and honour.


Photo Gallery / Army List:

Characters : 274 points


Zhatan the Black and Blue - Hero, heavy armour, shield, great weapon, Black Gem of Gnar
Doompa Hero

Bulwaark the Battle Standard Bearer - Hero, heavy armour
Doompa Bull Centaur Hero

Astragaff - Sorcerer, 2 Dispel Scrolls
Doompa Astragoth

Gorblitz Backstabber - Hobgoblin Hero, heavy armour, shield, great weapon
Doompa Hobgoblin Hero

Core: 978 points


Warriors of Doompa - 18 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, musician
Doompa Warriors

Warriors of Kraka-Boom - 15 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, blunderbusses, standard, musician
Doompa Blunderbuss

Warriors of Kraka-Thoom - 15 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, blunderbusses, standard, musician
Doompa Blunderbuss 2

Warriors of Kraka-Doom - 15 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, blunderbusses, standard, musician
Doompa Blunderbuss 3

Fancy Gitz - 24 Hobgoblins, light armour, shield, standard, musician, champion
Doompa Hobgoblins

Lame Gitz - 20 Hobgoblins
No photo unfortunately

Tricky Gitz - 10 Hobgoblins
Doompa Hobgoblins 2

Baity Gitz - 10 Hobgoblins
Again, no photo.

Special: 451 points


Kickin’ Gitz - 28 Sneaky Gits, standard, musician
Doompa Sneaky Gits

Mad Shooty Gitz - 2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers
Mad Shooty Gitz - 1 Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower
Doompa Bolt Throwers

Boss Black’s Mad Krackers - 15 Black Orcs, add. hand weapon, champion, musician
Doompa Black Orcs

Rare : 210 points


Doompa-Boom! - Earthshaker Cannon
Doompa Earthshaker

Chosen of Hashut - 5 Bull Centaurs with shields
Doompa Bull Centaurs


I remember this! An inspiration for my early days on CDO as well…
Are you “mattbird”? :slight_smile:

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No, I am not he. Just another CD fanatic.

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No, I am not he. I do plan on documenting my Big Hat army soon though

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