Maximilian Thrax and the Stalinvast “Last” 619th

Colonel Maximilian Thrax
And the 619th Stalinvast “Last” Regiment


Stalinvast was a hive world of a thousand hives created within sprawling coral like growths and thick treacherous jungles between them. After an insidious Xenos worshipping cult took hold in its heart, it was erroneously condemned to exterminatus, despite being far from unsalvageable.

Guard regiments taken from this world, who had left before the cult was proven to have taken hold, were allowed to remain in service. However commissarial supervision was insisted upon at every level as well as frequent scrutiny by the Ordo Xenos.

As time stretched on, the various armies of Stalinvast were sent to every theatre of was in every sector imaginable. They were whittled down by attrition and many wiped out completely. After ten standard years after the exterminatus perhaps one hundred Stalinvast regiments had reduced to a handful of partial regiments all below fighting force.

The departmento munitorum , under the advise of the Ordo Xenos, made the decision that these final regiments be combined instead of spread out amongst fighters from other planets, still suspect that a taint may lay within them that could be spread to other regiments.

Far from heretics or Xenos sympathisers the Stalinvast regiments had in fact only grown in religious zeal. Their devotion perhaps increasing as a result of being constantly scrutinised and questioned. Many members of the echlesiarchy were drawn to their banner and many squads were now supplemented with raving preachers and firebrand confessors screaming litanies of faith against the horrors of the universe.

The final surviving regiments reformed were the The 319th armoured division The 281st mobile infantry (already a reformed combination of an all male and all female regiment after both had sustained terrible losses at the hands of the orks), The 11th highborn veterans , and the 8th penal legion. Combining their numbers they were rebranded as the 619th Stalinvast “Last” regiment, under the command of colonel Maximilian Thrax.

Thrax was born in the lower classes of Stalinvast society, signing up for the guard as opposed to be being conscripted in a tithe in order to escape his life in the under hive. (A fact many of his highborn veterans either choose to ignore or know better than to voice). Naturally large of build and able to fight he had proven himself over campaigns against the enemy on innumerable worlds and had risen to the position of command partially due to skill and ability and partially because the original leadership of the regiments were slowly being killed off.

He now styles himself as the last planetary governor of Stalinvast, despite having never set foot on the planet for decades and despite the fact it is now an uninhabitable dead world. Wearing the red cape of a governor and styling his facial hair and wargear after the patrician class he now looks and sounds the archetypal blue blooded commander. His troops look to him as their leader not only as a martial figure but a potential political figurehead as well. They fight for the promise that one day, the fighting will be done, a world will be conquered and Stalinvast Secondus will be established.

In truth, and Thrax knows this all too well, it is a luxury they will never be granted. They are tainted by association and will fight until every last man and woman is dead.

These are the tales of the Stalinvast “Last” 619th…


That’s a great looking army and all the more impressive with a cool backstory

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Great thread start! Lovely conversions and detailwork, not least the Bretonnian shield and “If you can read this you are dead.” The colour scheme is particularly fine. I really like the headswaps and caged skeleton banner. Good idea to use a Space Marine Scout as a basis for a strongly built commander. You’ve given the Cadian miniatures a new leash of life, so to speak.

Neat reference to the formation of the 597th Valhallan in the Ciaphas Cain books, and especially nice or (worrisome!) reference to Ian Watson’s Inquisition War trilogy. :wink:

Anyone curious about Stalinvast may want to check out this TTS parody review of Inquisitor, the first 40k novel. Bonus points if you walk out of it traumatized.

Looking forward to see this unfold! Top backstory. Maximilian Thrax shouldering a haughty upper class persona to suit his rank rhymes well with all manner of early Soviet upstart higher-ups, who rapidly adopted a domineering blue blooded conduct, as if they had been born and raised as aristocrats with a long pedigree.


And so we found ourselves opposite a defunct promethium plant on a burning desert world, with sand and sweat in our eyes.

Little did we know the insidious nature of enemy, for if we had we would have been better prepared.

I’ve dealt with dozens of rebellious PDF forces in my time, being dragged from one Grox turd planet to the next. They have their ideals, sure. But their philosophies rarely stand up to a heavy barrage of ordnance. It’s hard to argue with the shell of a battle cannon.

We brought a small contingent of soldiers and two battle tanks. The promethium plant was softened up by a little orbital bombardment, followed by some satisfying screams and we lined up to sweep in and finish the bastards off.

Early on I knew something was wrong. My servo surveillance skull brought back images of warriors crawling from their hiding places, outnumbering us two to one. Their pallid complexions and additional limbs were the sign of Xenos corruption.

Before long they were upon us: a sea of chattering teeth and grasping claws backed up by insane cultists armed with auto guns. Our cannons fired true blowing them away in their droves.

But damn their machine spirits. They failed us at the last minute. Just as the enemy were upon us they jammed in their masses, failed to hit or otherwise let us down.

An enemy sentinel, no doubt stolen from imperial supplies , moved unmolested through our ranks, it’s auto-cannon firing with precision and disabling our heavy artillery.

The four armed beasts then leapt upon our men and tore them apart.

Many a good man laid down his life before the evacuation was called.

We will return and we will not be so naive as to expect light resistance. By the emperors will, these abominations shall be burnt and their facility razed to the ground.


I’ll bite, you old dog; what’s Thrax made of?

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In universe answer: Tough stuff young whelp, now grab a lasgun and charge that greater daemon dammit.

Out of universe answer: All GW parts. Head is an empire outrider. Body and legs is about sniper. Pointy arm is heavy weapons team. Sword is commissar. Wire going to servo skull is from heavy weapons team. Skull is from skull kits. Parchment is from a stormcast wizard thing. Little telescope things are from my vehicles bits box could be ork marine or IG :man_shrugging:t2:

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Excellent use of camo cape as a… cape.

Empire outrider is the answer to my biggest question.

Whatever they replace the old state trooper range with is gonna have huge impacts for the Guard.

Goes without saying that I love this whole scheme. Are those orlock heads on a lot of the guard, or catachans? The tanks in particular are great. Distinctively 90s and yet also aesthetically pleasing with the use of darks.


Some catachan and some mordheim Mercs

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We returned to find the Xenos and their collaborators spreading their taint further afield than they had previously dared. Truly our failure to contain the genestealer cult had had dire consequences.

By the emperors will, we did not fail a second time. The machine spirits of our battle tanks let forth such fury as I have never seen and our lasguns aimed true. The creatures reached our lines with their rending claws but were greatly diminished by the time they were in close quarters with us.

When our veteran sharpshooters assassinated their leader, the cowards fled.

There is still a sickness in this word that requires purging. There will always be more holes in which these bastards hide.

It may be our honour to cleanse this rock of genestealers, or our fate may lie elsewhere. I await my orders.


Not gonna lie, no idea what this stuff is but it looks daaaaaammnn coooool!! :hatoff: :beer:


I just realised - you absolute madman -did you chop the Mohicans off original 95 necromunda launch box Goliaths to run them as Ogryns?


Almost. Penal legion pumped up on steroids and frenzon.

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Love it. Definite issues with silhouette for ogryns anyway right. I know you’re working on veterans right now but if you ever want to roll with the penal legion aesthetic Wargames Atlantic Cannon Fodder are very cool.


Yeah their plastics are great ain’t they.

So far tho this army is full gw. Feels like I’m going down that route.

Currently on the work bench:

Old school Ogryns
Mordian conversions
Female guard conversions
Rough rider conversions
Tank crew conversions (in 2nd tank crew sometimes leave vehicles/ survive a vehicles death so need minis for them)
Leman Russ demolisher

In the post:

Lots of mordians


Classic paintjob on that 2nd Ed yarrick power claw. & all the freehand hazard stripes. Smashed it mate




We were sent to deal with the Xenos collaborators who had infested a munitions plant. To our horror, they brought imperial armourments to bare against us. How the machine spirits of the Leman Russ, Tarantula guns and Sentinels must have writhed in pain behind the pallid hands of these half men monstrosities.

The battle was the largest engagement we have had against these foes so far. This time despicable sorcerers and a great Xenos beast many times the size of a man were seen moving about them. A few well aimed hot-shot lasbolts was enough to bring the heretical monster down, yet the magician evaded us, searing flesh from the bones of the mobile infantry men by conjuring a swirling firestorm amongst their ranks.

Despite scoring many a tactical victory, the rending claws of the four armed ones made short work of twenty recruits, ten veterans and an imperial commisar. This was soon punctuated by a suicidal melta bomb detonation that blew a chimera, its crew and many soliders apart on the opposite flank. It was clear that we needed to pull back and re-group.

I have had word from the Departmento Munitorum that we are to be stationed on this world, Judas Juvanius, for a protracted campaign against the “stealer” menace. Details for this world and our mission will shortly be attached.

The emperor protects.



Hot damn, love this scenic action shots! Looks fantastic


Loving this narrative, very cool job on those pics too. There was a great article in White Dwarf about this style of photo. Between that and tours I feel like picking my game up, inspiration stuff :+1:t2: