Maxmini new releases

These might make great hobbo alternatives?

Many more v cool releases to look up. Exciting times!


Stringed instrument in that regiment. Highly approved.


Indeed! :+1:t2:

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IIRC, Maxmini sold its license to some UK-based company and went out of business some years ago. So these new sets (under the miniatures section) are probably entirely unrelated to the the earlier stuff (conversion bits; I have some, excellent quality). A bit hard to judge from the images but the details on some other sets look rather soft. I hope it’s just an unfavourable paint job.

I think they look very well suited as Hobgobs, and that is a good price too.

Yes. As someone not plagued with nostalgia, I’d totally use them.
More organized and heavy armoured than RA’s ones, but holding up.

It would be nice to see these without the paint, it’s a little hard to tell which parts are detail and which are paint.

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I ordered the hobbos with axes and shields. I can take photos when i get them

For a £1 each, free postage im not expecting super duper detail. They character should be enough…

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From the release, I only like the regiments on foot still. The wolves are very old school in a bad way, the characters should be alright though to complement the regiments.

Got my maxmini goblins on the day of release, with bases(unusual for me).

The detail on them is good. The resin quality also seems good. A random size comparison photo for anyone interested. Bigger than goblin definitely hobgoblins in my eyes

By the way they just released bolt throwers and archers today too


Thanks for the size comparison

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Are you tempted?

Also there is a hobgoblin kickstarter by macrocosm

Some nice goblins by cp models too

(I ended up ordering all 3) bad me!

The minis in the blister you received look great. Not trying to sound mean, but they may want to invest in some pro painting to better showcase the sculpts?

Ill post my ones this weekend i hope :hobkhan:

Probably to a similar standard though. Nothing wrong with the details on the figures though

New stuff every week at the moment, giants, ogres hobbos and halflings


I’m already behind on updating my BATG. but I’m definitely putting some of these on the middle burner. Thanks for sharing, curse you and your rigorous attention to these smaller manufacturers

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Did you see the fishy giant?

They are massive!

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Crazy sculpt! that price point rules me out unfortunately. the halfling knights are probably the highest priority for me of what I’ve seen

Lol ive built one and spayed it black already =hobbo wolfrider proxies? Guess so…

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