Members' Army Showcase

This section is for posting images of your entire completed army, en masse!

The guidelines for posting in this section are:

1) All models shown must be complete and fully painted (as in the other galleries).

2) Keep the number of images limited to no more than 10-15, regardless of the size of your army. Likewise, keep the number of single model or single unit close-ups to a minimum. If you have a particularly small army you may only need 1 picture to show everything, and perhaps one more closeup of your General to help show off your colour scheme and style.

3) If you have posted in this section previously and want to provide an update your army because it has grown do not create a new post. Instead, you should edit your previous post, remove old images and descriptions, and provide the new contents.

4) The preferred format is to provide the name for your army in bold, and underlined. Then, if desired you may provide some background text (fluff) to help set the mood and back story of your army.

The rest of the army section is completely up to you. If you want to show a single massive group shot and call it ‘done’ that’s fine. if you want to show several images for each of your Lords, Heroes, Core and Warmachines, etc. with each group divided up into sections with a heading, feel free. The rest of the layout and format for is your choice. You can provide titles or captions for the images, or leave the section blank.


Some CDO User Wrote:

Kharkarov’s Host from Gash Kadrak

Hailing from Gash Kadrak, the heavily mined valley leading from the Moutains of Mourn toward Zharr Naggrund, Kharkarov’s Host are a particularly cruel and hardened force. Kharkarov, the dark-hearted general of Gash Kadrak rules the mines throughout the area. Many of those who serve in Kharkarov’s Host have been exiled from Zharr Naggrund and have spent decades deep below the mountains running slave gangs in the mines. Kharkarov’s greed and thirst for power boundless, and he is known by Greenskin and ogre alike throughout the Mountains of Mourn for his uncanny ability to locate profitable mining locations. Kharkarov’s desire to expand his domain leads to many frequent battles, whereon his labour force quickly find themselves pressed into service and fighting for their miserable lives.

(image 1: Kharkarov and the Daemonsmiths and Sorcerers in his employ)

(image 2: group shot of all of the infantry units)

(image 3: two hellcannons and their crew)

(image 4: wide shot of the entire army)

(image 5: picture from an in-progress game showing several of Kharkarov’s units trouncing their enemies on a table with beautiful scenery)

If you’re not certain how to proceed just send a PM to myself or another staff member.

Only post pictures of your finished painted models here. No comments or replies to each other: Full rules for the Image Gallery can be found here.

You can find the elder version of this thread here on the old forum. In due time we will manually transfer inactive members’ gallery pictures.

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